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Experienced Lifter Eager to Start Juicing


I'm sure this is a popular topic of discussion. But what avid gym goer doesn't have an urge to become bigger and stronger. I'm at my genetic peak. Have tried numerous programs to further progress but I have reached a total stalemate in gains. I have been lifting for roughly 7 years now and have a pretty decent physique. Just really looking to make some significant gains most of which in my lower body. I'm 5'7" 170lbs at 10% body fat.

So I guess I'm just looking for any recommendations on what to start on and how. I've already done some research and just from reading up I found Test E is good start on your first cycle. My goals are to simply get stronger, build significant size in my quads and calves, and maintain a lean physique. I'm pretty well versed in programming and dieting. I have just reached my genetic potential.


I'll save everyone else the trouble and tell you to do more research and lay out a proper cycle before asking questions. Just spouting off that you read that a certain drug was good won't get you very far


Genetic potential... LOL


read the beginner sticky, and the pct sticky. really, all of the stickys are worthwhile


Do it.. Congrats on smashing your genetics

Cant go wrong with 500mg test E or cyp weekly 12 weeks
Dont forget your AI & PCT & read the beginner sticky


Maaaate please no one ever reaches there genetic potential except maybe Lui marco


Awesome job on reaching your genetic potential. Just wondering, why do you have that small guy(that clearly hasn't hit his GP) in your profile?