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Experienced Advice Please: Seeing Endo First Time

Short version: I have a blood test in 2 1/2 weeks to check t levels for first time after getting on TRT by my endo. He put me on 150mg every 2 weeks. I straight away shot 100mg per week with no increase in well being or libido for about a month & 1/2. I am now on 125-150mg twice a week and feeling better than before, although not feeling where I think I should be yet. Question is: Is my only option to get down to where I would be if on 75mg per week to completely stop injections until my blood test? or should I take the chance and just tell my endo that I’ve done my down research and have been taking twice his recommendation per week and have a sense of well being?

Tough call - the issue is you are on 250-300mg/week now right - trouble is - that’s a bodybuilding dose and your Endo is going to freak.

If it were me - I would cancel the blood test and go back to 100 mg every week and assess in a month. You can tell your endo when you see him (after you check bloods on this dose) that you really felt lousy with less frequent injections. 100 is a good place to start per week. You may have not noticed any increase in libido because of increased Estrogen - which will spike way up at the dose you are on now by the way.

I suspect you 100 mg/week would be fine with an AI like Arimidex - but you can’t accurately determine that with the dose you are on now.

You may also want to consider getting bloods done yourself to see how high your Estradiol is - there are some online labs that will send you an RX at some participating labs.

It would be better if you continued your thread from last August and not fragment your case.

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