Hi folks, I was wondering if some of you could share their experiences with me.

How does it feel to be on steroids? Is it like that you can walk right into a gym and start benching 300 even if you only got 245 yesterday (exaggerated)?

And how does it feel in “normal” life? Are you more aggressive etc.?

Plus how do you guys feel about 18 year old that start taking steroids? Safe, dumb or “okay”?

I dont know bro, I guess it depends on the compound. Its not some crazy miracle drug. You do feel stronger in the gym with more energy to workout. Better recovery as well as better pumps. As for 18, probobly not a great idea, but Im 20 and take them so I might be a hypocrite.

At 18 you are too young to begin AAS. I know this is not what you want to hear but it is true. You have more than a couple years left to train hard, eat correctly and perfect your training before you start AAS. I started when I was 21, now I wish I had waited longer.

As far as the feeling, it is not like any recreational drug you may have experimented with previously. AAS helps with recovery, and building muscle if used properly. The only feelings that I get would be a sense of well-being off of dbol and a jacked up libido when on test. Besides for that, any mood swings or anger issues can be kept under control through self restraint.

So what routine are you guys following in conjunction with your aas?

anyone in here tried something like a conjugate method (max effort etc.) with aas?

Heavy always is my way of life in the gym.

" everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but no one wants to lift no heavy ass weights"
- ronnie

being on them is a little bit different then you might expect prior to using them from what I hear… It just ‘enhances’ who you are; makes you more of a man.

[quote]muscle_mike wrote:

… It just ‘enhances’ who you are…

What if you’re an asshole?

[quote]Yo Momma wrote:
muscle_mike wrote:

… It just ‘enhances’ who you are…

What if you’re an asshole?


Guess with that logic your a ‘enhanced’ asshole?