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Anyne done Poliquin’s maximal weights for arms, Ian king great guns or Ian king limping? And what do you guys think of just doing 1 month of Poliquin’s 1-6 principle workout, 1 month of GVT, and then going back and forth…or will I adapt even though I’m changing it up?

I think that’s a good plan, Justin. In a past issue of “Dog Pound” readers said that their best gains came after radical changes in programs, high to low volume and vice versa. Also, I think some of Poliquin’s programs are a little long, as least for me. Six weeks of GVT always left me overtrained with aching shoulders and elbows. Right now, I’m doing three weeks of 1-6 followed by 3 to 4 weeks of GVT (TC’s new version).

I started Ian’s Great Guns program before it even came out at T-mag and had great results. I put about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch on my upper arms, not bad considering my experience level and “natural for now” status. Now, you may be saying, “But if 6 weeks is too long for you, how do you justify 12 weeks on Ian’s programs?” Ian’s 12 week programs typically change every 3 weeks, so it works great for me as three weeks is about as far as I can go without stagnating. Hope this helps!

I’d say go with the modified GVT program and instead of just doing poliquin’s 1-6, try TC’s Tsunami training its 6 weeks and should keep you from stagnating.