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Experience With Vitamin D on TRT?

I know this isn’t specifically T-related but I am interested in the experiences of people on TRT with supplementing Vitamin D.

My levels have been under 30 since at least 2015 and have been down as low as 18. On 3,000iu a day which I only somewhat recently learned is basically a maintenance dose, I managed to up it 8 whole points over the course of a year, only for my doctor to tell me that he didn’t like me being on it due to unknown long-term storage effects, and to definitely not take any more than that.

I slowed down my D intake for months after that, and it likely did not do me any good. With COVID and all the bullshit going on with people who are low on D, and also not feeling my best energy-wise, I decided 6 weeks ago to get on 5,000iu a day.

What are people’s experiences on D when starting at a catastrophically low point? Did you notice any improvements after a time that you attributed to the D supplementation? Any other differences?

I know people that started on 50k IU per day and then dropped to 5k IU. Personally 5k made me feel not ideal so I dropped to 1-2k and stayed there without feeling any negative effects. It seems like most tolerate 5k well though so I seem to be an outlier.

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It makes me feel like I was hit by a truck if I take a supplement. Normal people are fine up to 5k a day though, although most would opt for a little less than 5k. The D you take (Normally D3) is going to be essentially inert in your system until your body needs it, so it’s not going to hurt you at all in that sense. Having a stupid high circulating level might have negative consequences, theoretically, but I haven’t found any studies that actually show that.

Since Im taking vitamin d (40-70k) per week at once) my immune system is rock solid and before that I was constantly getting sick.
This is the only difference I’ve noticed

I usually recommend 5000IUs D3 and like to see levels reach at least 60. Some need more to get to mid range levels. Some on TRT who report good results, will tell me they felt even better when they added D supplementation.

I’ve seen reports with D and COVID, which are retrospective and associative, but interesting. I doubt it will be thoroughly researched with no potential for huge profits. However, it’s cheap and easy to get and it and compliments TRT even if there are no COVID protection benefits.

On a blood test a couple of years ago, my vitamin D reading was low. My doc prescribed 10,000 IU per day. My last bloodwork showed D was really high.

I honestly don’t notice any difference with or without the supplementation of vitamin D.

I have heard it’s supposed to help me not get sick.

Dr Rhonda Patrick talked about something like 96% of covid patients had depleted levels of vitamin D. Very interesting