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Experience with Varicocele?



I got diagnosed with a varicocele this week.
It developed in the last couple of months and luckily I have no pain of other complaints.
My left nut has shrunk a little bit, but nothing dramatic.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem? It's mainly fertility that worries me a little, as well as testosterone levels.
I was thinking about adding some "testicular support" foods or supps to my diet.
Extra fishoil, loose underwear, .....

Does anyone have idea's or suggestions.

I'm still not sure about getting surgical treatment for this, mainly because not everyone with this gets infertile (about 10 -15% of men have this) or I don't have any complaints. So I don't think I'll be getting this any time soon.


I wouldn't be overly concerned with it. Studies have not shown a great deal of correlation between the varicocele causing infertility, more just an association of those who are infertile having a much higher percentage of having varicocele. Surgical intervention has not proven to restore or prevent infertility. Testicle shrinkage is not always associated but can be. Eating testosterone supporting foods will definitely help out any male, so I wouldn't discourage that, but I wouldn't be overly concerned with this causing a drop in T Levels.

If you are overly concerned about infertility or T Levels, just get them tested out. It is probably the easiest way to easy your mind/concerns. The main reason I even know much about this is because I have it as well. Kind of just noticed my one nut suck feeling like there was extra squishy crap in it. Randomly brought it up at one of my physicals, the doc asked if it felt like a "bag of worms", checked it out and confirmed it. From my research and what I've been told, as long as it isn't painful you are generally okay.


I have it since 2008, I discovered it for the intense pain, but due to the minimal grade I was not advised surgery.

I recommend you NOT to utilise loose underwear, au contraire, use "firm support" or you risk having much pain. In fact, I think it was the sudden utilisation of loose underwear that unleashed the pain (for me).

If it doesn't hurt, it seems that the best way of action if leave it alone.


Thanks a lot for the responses!
I've scanned through the medical literature and I could find any articles that can show
convincing or alarming facts.
I'm not very concerned anymore, I think it was mainly the surprise after the doctors visit that had me worrying a little.