Experience With Triglycerides

Anyone have good results lowering their triglycerides through diet/supps/training? I just had a blood test for life insurance. Every blood marker was perfect and in range (glucose was 67), except triglycerides which was a 238 where 200 was top of the range. My last test was 3 years ago where trigs were 80.

I eat <100g of carbs per day and very rarely eat sugar. Paleo+dairy diet at home and brown bag that food to work. I’m 28yo 235# with a 36" waist roughly 25% fat. Weight training 4-5/week, conditioning 3/week.

Working on losing weight and doing everything “right” (sleep, stress, training, diet etc…). Over the past 6 months probably had fast food or chipotle 2-3 times per month, that’s too often… But I didn’t think it’d kill my numbers that bad.

I know I’m going to die, but I’d like not to die of preventable lifestyle disease early if I don’t have to.

So far the game plan is no fast food, take: fish oil, vit D, Olive oil, psyllium husk. Trigs are supposed to be the easiest to fix. I guess carbs and alcohol can drive it up. Might consider giving up my 3 bourbons a week.

Basement pls

So… high-ish fat diet? How much of it is saturated?

What kind of dairy and how much?

What are your usual fat sources e.g. red meat? Substitute fish high in omega-3 fatty e.g. Salmon for red meats. Is kinda expensive tho.

Yep even small amounts of alcohol can raise triglyceride levels.

Recommendations are around 30mins/day most days of the week say around about 3 hrs/week.

Unless these condition sessions are about an hour try doing a bit more per week. Even if they are an hour you can throw in a bit more e.g. 10-15 mins before/after lifting.

Doesn’t have to be anything particularly intense. My favorite kind of cardio is stationary bike at a decent RPM with a TV show on.

Chipotle_Gainz more like lel. Srsly tho improving body composition will go a long way.

As far as dieting for body composition goes diet, specifically caloric balance, should be prioritized over almost everything else aside from consistency. For once eating “clean” is indicated but still a caloric deficit must be maintained to lose weight.

Are you currently counting macros?

Supps are of low priority.

Actual medications and proven supps e.g. fish oil, fibrates and niacin are usually used for 500+ where lifestyle changes have been ineffective.

Some days I have 6 free range eggs from my chickens. Some days I don’t. Never been concerned about sat fat. There’s not much proof it is associated with mortality, Farmingham study is BS. Was under the impression trigs were driven by carb intake not sat fats. Could be wrong.

Daisy 4% cottage cheese, greek yogurt, cheese, whey. Don’t drink milk, cause that’s for the kids.

Eat way too much chicken and pork because it’s cheap, beef probably twice per week, fish once per week, eggs 3x per week, Olive/avocado/coconut/butter sparingly for pan frying.

Yes. Daily 2000-2250 cals. 200 protein, 100 carb, 88 fat is the goal. I screwed my metabolism doing RFL and low cal bullshit. Trying to just hold cals steady and increase activity.

seems to me you already know what the problem is…

Correct. Weight is slowly coming off. Can I do anything extra for trigs to bring it down faster?


How many articles on this site have you read in the last two years? Nutrition and fat loss specific?

How many do I need to read? Eat less, move more is pretty simple. Obviously I’m shit at implementing it lately as other goals got in the way.

Fixing that now, determined to get below 2 bills and see how I look, feel and perform there.

Just looking for any extra hacks since it will take me 35 weeks to lose 35lbs minimum.

So far I have fish oil, niacin, fibrates and no booze suggested. Going to throw all of those at it in combination with losing fat.

Consider that 35+ weeks in a calorie deficit may not be in your best interest. Especially when you are starting at about 2,250/day. Over doing the cardio isn’t the answer either; keep ED’s experience in mind as you make your decisions. Make one change at a time, allow time to evaluate the result, select another variable to tweak, repeat. Like the Tortoise not the Hare.

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Advice duly noted. Every month has a built in refeed day (thanksgiving, Christmas, kids parties etc…). So I won’t be in a deficit all the time. I try not to plan refeeds, they happen anyway. Also if I got 2300 some day and 1900 the next I don’t sweat it too hard. Just after adequate protein.

I don’t have the work ethic, time or inclination to spend 5 hours in a day for LISS on a stationary bike like @eyedentist. So no worries about me being ultra hard core.

I’m starting to settle into a new routine of:
Lifting day: morning LISS 30 min, 20 min brisk walk at lunch, barbell lifts 9pm.

Rest day: morning accessory lifts and dumbell work, 20 min brisk walk at lunch, 9pm sprints or kb swings.

Suggestions welcome. Breaking up the barbell lifts and the assistance work means I’m “lifting” too often according to bro science. But accessory work isn’t as taxing and doing it this way gets me to bed earlier.

Was just trying to figure out where you stood

Was was said above is what I also recommend. 2250 is very low. V diet is another way of getting things started.

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I’ve done RFL A few times. Been as light as 193 after one run. Damn I hate PSMF’s. I think low carb and stupid crash diets helped me get here though. Slow and steady from now on.

Reading anything from Lowery, Miyaki and Berardi can only help you in the long run also.

Have fun.

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You don’t have to give up your three Bourbons week. I’m guessing you eat a lot of fried food? Fried food is a killer on triglycerides. Also if you take a lot of ibuprofen can wrecked your triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Add in a few salads preferably spinach as well as the fish oil twice a day.

Thanks for the advice. No wheat or fried food and no n6 oils save for the 3-5 times per month fast food. Cut that out already.

Under what conditions did you have a blood glucose reading of 67? Morning fasting 6+ hours after last meal or 3-5 hours after eating (and if so, what did you eat last?). 100 gram carb dieters will tend to actually have slightly higher fasting blood sugar (low 90s). A 67 can ironically be a sign of insult n resistance depending on when it was measured. I don’t believe n-6 or fried foods raisetriglycerides in particular but they make you triglyceride more harmful-more capable of causing oxidationdamage to blood vessels. I don’t thing dietary saturated fat raises them. Over feeding, fructose, alcohol, liver disease, hereditary insulin resistance-insulin receptor malfunction, elevated stress hormones (cushing’s disease) hypersecretion of growth hormone and choline deficiency are the causes that I have found to be legitimate.

As well as early stages of LADA or MODY diabetes. Sleep deprivation can be a root cause of hyper cortisol levels. Also do you take stimulants, or sinus medication or steroid drugs like Flonase?


Couldn’t get a morning fasted test. It was 5 hours after lunch. Which was meat and veggies.

I drink way too much coffee. Cutting that to 2 thermoses per day. I take bronkaid about once per week when I’m stuffed up. Rather stressed about work (closing a company down at a job I got in January). Laying off people sucks. Obviously overfed or I wouldn’t be this fat (hence diet). Type 2 diabetes runs in the family.

Insulin resistance fixes are weight trainiing, not being fat, sleep and cortisol management right?