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Experience with the Super-Accumulation Program?

Hi All

Has anyone ever done this programme https://www.t-nation.com/training/super-accumulation-program
It is basically 2 weeks of overtraining and then a lay off to “super accumilate” and be better than before.
I am really intrigued by it but there are some pretty crazy claims in there with the story that is told about the team that did it, are these true??
And also has anyone done thse super high doses of glutamine and BCAA’s?
Would love to hear peoples experiences of it as it does sound like hell for 2 weeks but is an interesting concept and I’d like to know if people have had success with it!

“You will be chronically overtrained” for exceeding your recovery capabilities for two weeks? Bull fuckin’ shit. I have utilized a program that was based on seeking supercompensation and end up peaking in strength in the end of the cycle. My cycles however lasted for 8-12 weeks at a time and the idea was to train just a tiny increment over my recovery capabilities, take a rest week with absolutely minimal volume and intensity and end up busting all previous PR’s after that. Strength-wise, shit works if done right, very carefully and easing into the volume and frequency.

For building muscle, I have my doubts. Strength training is mostly neural adaptation and skill practice which benefit from that kind of training. Muscle building is another story entirely. It’s also mentioned that it’s meant for “coached elite level athletes” before simply telling you it’s not for you and ending with “are you man enough to do what I told you is not for you and will most likely not work for you?”. There are a lot of insane claims with zero references so I guess that answers your question.

It does seem a bit extreme to be chronically overtrained after 2 weeks? Very tired and sore? Yes. Chronically overtrained? I can’t see that happening to that extent.
I have done 12 week pealing cycles (for powerlifting) and come week 9-10 had to take the odd deload day but even then I’m no where near the shivering wrecks described!
Would love to hear from some people who have actually done this…
I see what you mean about the claims not being backed up, I’ll see if I can find something in Google about him training that team.

It’s Poliquin ffs.

He has always been out there. Radical? Yup. Weird? You betcha.

But, you either like it or you don’t.

Glutamine is for gut health. There was a thread a while back about “gut health, sort of a log”. For recovery? Yeah, no. For post surgery? You betcha. It’s an old subject. Look it up.

Forgot the BCAA’s thing.

Thread a while back. Look that up also.

To clear up the overtraining thing: in the literature, symptoms need to be present for approximately 2 months in order for it to be termed “overtraining syndrome” rather than functional or nonfunctional overreaching. So, no, you won’t be chronically overtrained in 2 weeks.

That said, you might overreach and subsequently supercompensate. It doesn’t sound like anything I’d want to do, but the whole protocol only takes 3 weeks, so why not give it a shot if you’re interested?