Experience with the Dreaded LA Fitness?

I’ve read a ton of HORRIBLE reviews on this place…about how they charge you for nothing. Cancel and get charged, claim they lose your cancellation letter (you need to mail them writing of cancellation to their main office…wtf), etc.
My dad signed me up to one that recently opened in our area since it was family members do not need to pay the registration fee (50$). I haven’t been there yet, but it sounds like I want to get out of there already from the reviews. I’m relatively happy at my free school gym(20 miles though), so there really isn’t a need for scamming gyms.

Thank you for sharing. I’m not sure, but I don’t see a bodybuilding question anywhere. Maybe this should have gone in “Get a Life”.

That’s where I lift and I’ve had zero problems. If you already have a membership why don’t you just thank your dad and go try it out.

That’s where I lift when i’m off university for the summer break. I’m in Canada though so that might be a little different lol. I had a pretty good experience there, it’s the best gym in my area so yea.

My friend’s dad owns LA Fitness. True story.