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Experience with Rimonabant

Does anyone have any experiece with this substance? If so, I’d like to hear about it. I’ve done the research but haven’t heard any firsthand accounts from anyone I know. Also, do you know if the generic is even available? I know that acomplia is off the market.

I ask because I’m putting together a serious fat loss cycle. I’ve done it natural, dieting down to mid single digits with only aid from supplements. And it’s a real bitch. I’ve also done it less than natural. My proposed cycle “super fat loss cycle” would consist of steroids (still determining combination and dosage), T3, albuterol, hgh Frag 176-19l, cjc, and rimonabant.

All I know about it is that its been withdrawn in the UK (and most of europe i think) because its psychological side effects (depression, suicial) were seen to outweigh the benefits, so i’d just bear that in mind.

I’ve only ever seen it for sale once and relatively cheaply at that as it was an import from India. I’m guessing that means its a generic copy, but honestly have no idea how readily available it is.

Don’t know, but would love to hear your results, as I am considering some sort of T3/albuterol, probably with replacement level Test Cyp and Hcg at the same time.

Current though on albuterol is 4mg X3 or possibly X4, and 12.5 T3 or possibly 25mgT3, 200mg Cyp/week, very small HcG, 2Xweek, Armidex (1 pill, 1/2 spread out, don’t recall the dosage).

One month, last damn 15lbs.

I researched acomplia pretty hard as a result of your post.

It appeared to affect far more than appetite, including areas of the brain related to substance abuse/pleasure. Suicides with 600% more likely with the drug than a placebo, and it’s been stopped, apparently for some pretty damn good reasons.