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Experience with Rice Cookers


Does anyone have good experience with rice cookers? Good brands, models and expected cost?

Instant rice is expensive compared to normal rice but normal rice is such a pain to cook. My family eats a lot of carbohydrates so I'm interested in buying a quality, high capacity rice cooker.


I purchased a Wolfgang Puck 7 cup rice cooker.. Great price and I love it.. You can practically cook anything it it, seriously. check it out..



I went to an asian market and bought a 10 cup rice cooker for $30. When I looked at other stores they were much more expensive.

I've had it for over a year with no trouble. It's a Tayama and I love it. I've tossed rice, chicken and vegetables in it and cooked them all at once with no problems.




Being really Asian.

I would suggest Tiger or Zojirushi.

Prices would vary on the size.
I have been using a Tiger for the past ten years.


"really asian"? what's that?


I used to live in Korea, and our Tiger cooker broke in the move. I wouldn't trust a rice cooker made by white people lol.


Honestly, I've had good experience with just cheapo rice cookers. I've had a $19 (The cheapest one they sold in an Asian grocery store) and it made very good rice each time. You just need to learn how much water to use. And it makes it better if you soak the rice in water for 10 minutes before you cook it.


haha. Sorry, used "real" as in way to refer to very strict and traditional Asian family.

I would prefer Zojirushi better than Tiger :slightly_smiling:


An Asian market is your best bet. Best quality for the best price. You can also get your rice cheaper there.


Just want to let everyone know I bought a rice cooker. I saw one at Costco called "Aroma" and bought it for 30 bucks- not bad at all. I like that it has a setting specifically for brown rice that cooks differently than white rice because of the bran.

Also picked up a 12 pound bag of organic short grain brown rice for 12.99. Probably a bit expensive but this rice tastes amazing and the texture is very nice.


A rice cookers a rice cooker. Unless you need fancy settings.