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Experience with PRP- Hamstrings?

I have bilateral proximal hamstring tendinopathy, confirmed by MRI. I’ve had a lot of injuries, but this one has been the toughest to fix. Rehab did very little. I’m now doing eccentric and isometric work. No deadlifts, squats or any compressive movement.

I’m also getting PRP injections on both high hamstrings. Anyone else with this injury and second, anyone else have PRP done? Love to hear your experience and results

I haven’t been on the forum in a while and came across your post. I had PRP done twice over a year and half time frame on both hamstrings and also my hip for a labral tear. I had 3 rounds of prolotherapy in each hamstring tendon prior to the PRP which helped but not enough for the extent of my injury. I had chronic hamstring tendonosis at the icheal tuberosity and bone spurs causing severe tightness and sciatica. My pain went from a 10 to now a 2. I do believe it would have healed 100% if that was the root cause and if I would have given a bit more rest after the injection. My main issue is SI joint dysfunction and chronic ankle sprains with puts added strain on the hamstrings due to glute inhibition. After PRP my glute strength increased dramatically because I could actually let go of the hamstring and the pain in the hamstring went away. It will always be an issue for me when I push my workout but I would never hesitate getting PRP. It was the best decision I every made regarding my hamstring injury.

Thanks for the response. It’s been a while since I posted about PRP.

I had PRP in both my upper hamstrings last May. I’m not sure if it did much. Maybe I need a few more injections but the physician felt if the first one didn’t help, no need to go with additional injections. What did help, was the eccentric hamstring work. The tedinopathy is still there, but much more manageable.

Unbelievable how difficult to treat this injury. I’ve had other injuries in the past (concussions, ACL tear, etc) but this injury has been the most tenacious.

Thank you again