Experience with Meltdown TRaining

Hi all. I am hoping to elicit some feedback regarding my recent experience with Meltdown training. I found after completing the program that it was great for my lower body. My legs (hams and quads and glutes) go an amazing workout and I could see and feel the difference.
Unfortunately I felt the program was insufficient in the upper body exercises, and as I result I also definitely saw my upper body weaken during the 6 weeks I did the program.

Now that I have finished it, I am looking to do a new program, one that will ESPECIALLY compensate for what I see is a weaker upper body (in my case)after doing Meltdown. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I switched up push ups for bench press. I also added some barbell curls, but your right it definitly emphasizes the legs more than anything else.

Not sure how you can say meltdown neglects the upper body - push press, dips, rows, chins, push ups, deads. Looks pretty well covered to me.

As far as strength losses are concerned, I figure that’s to be expected from such a circuit - I’ve always lost some strength (both upper and lower)

This is one of many reasons I’d only ever do meltdown for a week or 2 then more on to something like 5x5 for strength

Forgot to address this. Why on earth add an isolation exercise to meltdown? Seems really out of place to me.

Don’t use Meltdown for 6 weeks. Try something with a lot of olys and rows now.

Meltdown is only supposed to be used for 3 weeks. Still, I wouldn’t even do it that long without strength training. I too lost a lot of strength when I did Meltdown, but after the 3 weeks I felt like I could’ve run a marathon!

Now I would never reccomend Meltdown, unless one could somehow incorporate one day a week of heavy, full body strength training. This might counteract the strength loss effects of Meltdown and allow you to maintain, but not gain.

As for you, if you want you’re strength/muscle size back now that Meltdown is over, why don’t you try Waterbury’s “Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program”. I’d reccomend this program to anyone, beginner or advanced.

Thanks to all who replied to my posting about my experience on Meltdown. I appreciated the feedback and it was good to know that others understood my point of view. continued success to y’all.

Lorne, Meltdown is for fat loss, not strength. So you’re going to get a weaker while on it. No question about that.

However, for everyone who’s worried about this, why not just incorporate a day for heavy lifting into the rotation? Sure, if you’re dieting you won’t be as strong as you would normally be, but there’s no reason you can’t add a day in here and there and keep most of your strength. None that I can see, anyway.