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Experience With Kato and Davies

I trained under Kato for eight years. We began incorporating Coach Davies philosophies three years ago. Since we mixed Davies ideas in with what we were doing, my results sky rocketed. I played football at Nortwestern University and started at middle linnebacker for 2 years, and then transfered to Univ. of Rhode Island for 2 years. I started my college career at 205 pounds, ran 4.8 forty, and benched 255. I finished this year and had 6 workouts with different NFL teams. My stats were, 250, ran 4.6, and benched 225 20 times. My improvements far exceeded my expectations, and I owe it all to Kato and Coach Davies. While it took hard work and dedication, what set me above from my teammates and opponents, was my amazing speed, condition, and explosion. Hard Work does pay off.

Awesome job bro! So you went to URI? I used to live in Rhode Island. But moved to Florida 14 years ago! I love it down here, but occasionally go back to visit family. It sounds like you made outstanding progress with Kato and Coach Davies’ techniques. Feel free to fill us in more!

You mean - Kaelin??