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Experience with Group Programs

I work as Trainer in a little gym and I noticed that people who are completely new to fitness get a lot of help and suport at the beginning. This is diffrent for people who have a little bit more experience and want to train with free weights. They can do whatever they want to, but they don’t get any support, unless they pay for a Personal Trainer (there is now P.T. at our gym).

As I talked to these guys, I noticed that many of them don’t have any idea about how to design a programm, or how to train for muscle growth, or fat los, or… (they just do what their friends do)But they’d love to have more information and they really want to work hard for achieving their goals, but they don’t know how. Think you also know such guys!
I’d like to change that, but don’t know exactly how!

I thought about something like a circuit training, which takes place 3 times a week. It should be kind of a �??kick-off�??- course. Every time they come to the circuit, they get another piece of information about training, nutrition, … and the trainer stays there till the circuit is finished, of course. Such a course could take 6-8 weeks, in which everybody has the same programm. That’s not much work for a trainer (and it doesn’t cost a lot), but it could help people to get started into heavy training.

What do you think about it? I know that it’s not perfect if everybody does the same, but I don’t want the members to have optimal results after 8 weeks, but to get an idea about heavy training and …well…a kick-off. That’s it!

Is it possible to do circuit training for hypertrophy?
(Don’t know how work with 5-10 people at the same time, if not in a circuit).
Do you think such a programm could work?
Do you have experience with group programms for advanced fitness-gym-members?
Please help me!