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Experience with GIRD Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit?

Hey guys have done massive research on my shoulder neck pain.

What I thought it was:

  1. Weak external rotators, leaving my humeral head to slouch forward. Did many exercises and nothing. Like Rear delts, rotary cuff exercises

  2. Thought it was my tight anterior delt head. Did myofascial release. Better, but still not 100%

  3. Tight pecs or pec minor, did stretching feel nothing.

Finally, found the problem GIRD, glenohumeral internal rotation deficit. I thought I had too much internal rotation, but I didn’t realize the subscapularis held the humeral head back.

Only things I can find on the internet of of right now are sleeper stretch to stretch a tight posterior capsule and strengthening the subscapularis. Been doing these for a few days and great results, but have been stagnating. I still get clicking of shoulders. I am so close. Any other methods? I try internal rotation of my arm at 90 degrees and my humeral head keeps popping up. Since its just me I need something stabilize the head down while I can force my internal rotation. I just don’t have money for a PT right now.

Learn to let your humerus “sink” into your shoulder.

“SuperDtvStabilize that Bi-Polar Shoulder”

Lay face down on a bench, and do shrugs, like “opposite” to a bench press. Figure out how to get your shoulders back and make your arms into “alligator arms.”

If you’re gonna bench press you MUST learn to get those shoulders set “deep” pull the bar “out” instead of lifting the bar “up.” This will keep your humeral head in place, back in the socket.

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Awesome video, is it mandatory that a kettlebell is used? I’ll try dumbbells.

Nothing is mandatory! I use a dumbbell, and usually just lay flat. Or sometimes I stand up, and use a band, anchored behind me, to “push” against. Or doing pushups, I let my shoulders “sink,”

The video just shows whats going on.

The kettlebell does “hang” in a cool way, but the important thing is to get that shoulder joint lined up properly. Then pec stretches, rear delt and rotator cuff exercises will actually work correctly.

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I tried it today and I didn’t feel too much. Another thing I have been doing is the Halley scratch test for internal rotation. My left arm is normal. Right arm before I couldn’t even get it up from lower back. I can raise it all the way too the shoulder blade, but it’s still tight. The second I put internally rotate on my arm on my lower back, the humoral heads just shoots forward. I have to consciously hold my shoulder back with lots of effort then I get some clicking, and rubbing on bones…I should have fixed this sooner.