Experience with Gear Haters?

I wasn’t exactly sure where to post this forum topic so I figured I’d let her rip and see what happens.

I’m fairly new to the anabolic scene, however, have been lifting at least 4 days a week for 7ish years so am not a noob in the gym. I’m 27, 5’10" 205# and my big 3 are 325 bench, 455 squat, and 495 dead. All raw and natural. I’ve taken epistane (oral) a few times in the past back when pro hormones weren’t banned and absolutely loved it. That third through six weeks I felt like an alpha primate on a straight shot of adrenaline while I was in the gym. And that was all on little old epistane. So, I’ve decided to put my big bro pants on and start with test e. This is what I’ve found to be the most recommended anabolic for newbies by you vets out there.

I’m not really searching for any cycle tips as I can read and understand the process including pct.

So, here’s my long overdue question.

What were your experiences with other lifters when you made the switch from natural to looking like you had Dick veins on your shoulders? And how did you handle it? Not sure why I’m worried about it but the thought of gym buddies noticing my somewhat quick mass and strength gains has me nervous.

Thanks in advance and if anything else thanks to all the noobs who asked the questions for me to study so I didn’t have to ask them.

I try to be honest with everyone, nothing worse than a fake natty!

Take pride in knowing your shit and help others who don’t have a clue!

Rich Piana gets my vote for doing just that.


Thanks for the words of wisdom. I suppose I’m a little worried because I’m a first timer with this substance and don’t really know how it’s going to aesthetically effect me. 5-20 is a good range for my goals.

I don’t plan on being dishonest with close buddies but I don’t feel like the random gym goer needs to know so that’s when a small diet excuse can come in handy. I’ve been in ketosis for a month and really slimmed down, so, I could also include that I’m back on carbs :+1:t3:

IMO people do notice… I’ve had family try to do a steriod intervention before. Sometimes my Mom’s like your doing that stuff again are you? I just say nah new work out and diet… Trying Arnold S’s program blah blah… But yeah once you slap on 30lbs people notice… Fuck em its your body do what you want with it…

Details please lol. You can’t post something like this and not tell the whole story.

Only tell people you can trust. Don’t go admitting to acquaintances in the gym that you are in possession of and self-administering illegal substances. Word gets around real fast sometimes.

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About 2 years ago… I had all out brawl with the local police department. At the time I was on a large test cycle. My then wife found my juice a few days later and told my fam. Pretty much everyone shit there pants… OMG steriods blah blah… Truth is the brawl probably didnt have much to do with steriods but more the bottle of crown royal I drank and the coke I snorted… But it never fails every week my Mom & Dad ask if Im on the juice… Its a real drag


fun topic. A few things I’d like to address here.

  1. you’ve run several cycles of epistane. 1 would be sufficient to make you no longer natural. Just sayin.
  2. I love epistane. I still use it. I’ve run it with several injectable cycles at this point. It’s a great oral, even in comparison to the other more ‘traditional’ ones. The best product that was still legal, by far, prior to the most recent ban.
  3. I did exactly 1 epistane cycle (my only oral-only cycle) prior to jumping on injectables. I made serious changes in my physique and strength just from that. Very noticeable ones.
  4. I sure as shit would never be ‘honest with everyone’. That’s just asking for trouble. And I also wouldn’t give Rich Piana props for what he does. Aside from the fact that I don’t believe he’s particularly honest in the first place, I also don’t think he’s really helping anyone.
  5. Honestly, it’s not that hard to convince people you just eat and work hard. For me, people who see me in the gym know I’m training harder than they are anyway. That’s sufficient for explaining why you’re growing more than they are. 99% of people will believe you’re not on steroids if you say you aren’t. You aren’t likely to transform THAT radically anyway, at least not immediately. Your description of what you expect to happen is likely a gross exaggeration. The only people in the gym who know I’m on are people who are as well. Most of the guys, even the guys I train with from time to time, don’t know, and I’ve been on for a year and a half.

So basically, I say tell people what you want to tell them. It should work itself out. Don’t feel compelled to tell people you’re using steroids if you see ANY reason to keep it under wraps.

Yes 100% agree with Flip… I only talk about it with other bros that juice… Sometimes we trade stuff… But for the most part my skinny or fat friends are like “Man I should do juice hint hint so I could look like you” Im like nah wouldnt help you eat like shit and have no motivation. IMO juice is only for those over 30 and whos body’s are 80-90% where they want it… Getting that last bit is when the juice comes in handy… Also if you are in 30’s, 40s, 50s you want to hang on to youth also bangin chicks 10-15 yrs younger aint bad either… but yea tell no one. Its all clean eating and discipline :wink:

Good point , Flip. Kind of like an alcoholic, even if they’ve been sober for a few years, their still considered an alcoholic. As far as epistane goes, I loved that shit. The black cap epistane was superior to white cap though.

I suppose it’s just in my head because if I sense someone is on something I give em a look and move on.

I do however have an extremely close friend (was in my wedding) that is a beast and never used to be. I’m almost positive he’s on something but he has never admitted it. Even went as far as questioning me intensively about the anabolic process when I talked him into epistane.

HA! post of the week right there