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Experience with Forskolin?


I'm Interested in what people think about this compound?

It is used in quite a few Biotest supplements. Carbolin 19 is basically an enhanced version of it.

If anyone has experience using it, i would like to hear your thoughts


This is a brief primer on how the compound works.

Forskolin increases Adenylate Cyclase through a direct mechanism(does not require a beta adrenergic agonist). Adenylate Cyclase is the enzyme required to activate cAMP. Activation of cAMP ultimately leads to increased lipolysis(the breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids). More free fatty acids availible = greater chance they will be used for energy by cells.

Forskolin has also been shown to increase testosterone levels in humans and rats. In long term diet studies, the groups given forskolin increased LBM while reducing body fat levels. This occured in rats as well.

So, it has a lot of proposed benefits, and I'm interested if it really lives up to the hype.


I know some of you guys had to try this stuff?



I havent had any experience with forskolin on its own, but have used HOT-ROX which has the compound in it. I found HOT-ROX to be the most effective fat burner I have used. I seemed to retain most of my muscle while dieting on that product and also wasn't always hungry like I am on other products. Not sure if that helps you much.


thanks, cally.

I've spoken to some other guys who have used it on other boards...some have said it was effective and others didnt really get much from it...

Guess I will have to make my own judgement...

I have some theories about it that I want to test out anyway...