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Experience With FatBastardBarbell

Has anyone purchased from fatbastarbarbellcoA few of his products look appealing to me, specifically the bomb. Please share your experiences, good or bad.

It all depends on what you’re training for - a lot of the items are mostly fun gadgets, but will definately help improve your grip strength/hand health. I say they’re gadgets because you don’t need those specific items to develop strong healthy hands, but they sure are fun.

I’ve used the bomb. It’s tough, especially if you use it to play catch.

John’s also a great guy, customer service is excellent. Side note, he hit 1105lbs (new record) on the silver dollar deadlift on the 14th on a busted bar.


John is a really good guy. Willing to talk and answer questions. He competes in and is putting out a Strongman magazine. I have not bought anything from him yet but, I have used some of his stuff and I know people who have purchased from him. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Thank you for the prompt responses fellas. I think as soon as I get my funds in order, I’ll be getting some new toys.
Give me about a month, and I’ll have some updates and share my first hand experience.