Experience with Expired Gear

So I found some expired gear in my med cabinet was thinking just use it up…
Half vial of Tren ace expired 2019
Full vial Tren ace never opened expired 2020
Full 2 vials of test prop expired 2021
About 200 Anavar pills 2024

Took a half cc of the Tren ace but could barely feel the rush. Usually when pinning Ace I feel the body rush & taste it. At around 1cc I get the cough. So usually I prefer to just dose it .5 cc ed instead of 1cc eod
But I’m wondering if it died. No red bump or injection pain just thinking maybe it died…
Also plenty of caber & anstrozle on hand to prevent sides as best I can… probably be my 4th Tren cycle so I’m fairy used to it’s shitty sides

You guys ever run stuff a few years after expiration??


Oil can go off (meaning you’d get sick), however chances are if stored properly the drugs haven’t lost all (of even most) of their initial potency.

Wondering if you pinned it or not?

I’m in the same boat.
Tren E is hard to find for me and I want to run a cycle, I’ve had the gear for about four years already myself… no expy date in the bottle and it’s unused.

I want to run it.
But keep having second thoughts.

Anyone have experience running gear that old?

If it’s unused I’d run it personally. I’m running Prop that’s 18 months past expiration and was punctured almost 2 years ago. Labs are what I would expect and so are subjective effects.

If I had to bet I’d say it hasn’t lost 1% potency. It’s pharma compounded though, and stored away from light and in a dry place the whole time.

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I ran it & it worked can’t tell if fresher matterd or not but it did work

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Thank you @thehebrewhero and @disciplined_trt it’s unpunctured, and always been stored in a cool dark clean place (at least under my care)… I’m going to go for it.