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Experience with Eleiko Barbells?

Good morning to every barbell enthusiast out there and a very special good morning to my fellow home gym owners.

So I was curious if anyone has every used Eleiko barbells at any point in their training career. I must say I never had during my 15 years under the iron. If you have, I am curious what you think of them. Are they really the Rolls Royce of the barbell industry? Is there diminishing returns from a performance aspect?

I know they’re pretty much used at the elite levels of competition so I was just wandering if it would be even worth it to own for the average home-gym owner.

I would love to hear from you all.

I’ve used some. Wasn’t a fan purely for the fact that the ones I was using were ball bearing bars. I much prefer bushing bars. I’m also not a high level lifter.

I forget which ones (the bearing or bushing) bars of are higher quality.

Since owning a personal gym, I never realized there was so much to know about barbells. I always thought that a barbell was just a barbell. Boy how I was wrong.

I was always of the same mindset until I wasn’t lol

I trained at home for a while and have two quality bars. Once I started venturing out into the commercial gyms is when I started to notice that you can actually tell little differences between them.

See I started in commercial gyms and there was always just a barbell. I never gave it much thought. Never did I realize there was a tensile strength, 190,000PSI etc to consider. I also didn’t know there was a difference between “power lifting” barbells and “olympic lifting” barbells.

When I did start my own gym, I at least had enough sense to not get serious equipment from Walmart.

What differences did you happen to notice when using them?

IMO, if cleans and snatches are not a major exercise in your weight lifting program an Eleiko bar would be a pure luxury. Their needle bearings would remove nearly all rotational momentum when the bar rotates.

I have never been to a gym that had an Eleiko bar, but hanging power cleans were a major exercise in my shoulder program. I would always look to use the straightest bar that rotated the easiest.