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Experience with Defy Medical

Hi guys,

So my doctor who’s been helping me with TRT is retiring and referred me to Defy Medical. I tried doing a search on this forum prior to posting this and couldn’t find a thread that could help answer my question.

I would like to know people’s experience with Defy medical.

My PCP a few years ago finally allowed me to do TRT which started to help with my depression as I was able to get off anti-depressants. I just started to look forward to facing the day and my libido increased which was non-existent before.

My current regiment

  • 200 mg injections 2x a week
  • 50 mg HcG
  • 25 mg / 50 mg clomid alternating

I have never felt my best with the above regiment and hoping that Defy medical can continue to honor that based on my labs.

Any feedback or knowledge share is much appreciated.

Test Total – 1116 (250-827)
PSA, Total - .7 (<=4.0 ng/ml)

Cholesterol Total – 131 (<200 mg/dl)
HDL – 56 (> or = 40 mg/dl)
Triglycerides – 45 (<150 mg/dl)
LDL – 62 – (<100 mg/dl)
White Blood – 4.1
Red Blood – 5.6
Hemoglobin – 16.4
Hematocrit – 48.1

FSA - 0.3
LH - <.1
Estradiol – 59.6
Total T4 – 7.5
T3 Uptake – 29

Im assuming that is 200mg total per week and not 200 twice a week?

Have you had thyroid checked?

There are guys here who use Defy. I know @systemlord and @enackers do and a few others.

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Drop the clomid. It has no value in the regimen and is known to cause side effects. It makes some like myself feel like crap.


I use Defy, I think they’ll probably honor the 200mg/week test dose you’re not really high as it stands, they’ll probably want to bump up the hcg, drop the clomid and they might suggest an AI, but I find them the be pretty flexible.
Just a guess though. I’ve worked with Dr. Caulkins over there.

You might even consider dropping the hcg as well as the clomid, unless you need your fertility right now. Fewer things to try to tune up.


You absolutely need the HCG? I took it because my balls shrunk and I read that it made you feel better mentally.

It did shit for that but did restore my nut size. I was done having kids so looking back there was no reason to do it. My estrogen went up 10 points, that was about all I got out of it.

If you need peak fertility for kids RIGHT NOW, stay on it…otherwise it’s not worth it in my opinion. You can always go on it later if you need it.

No woman ever said “wow I really liked your nuts last night”. Just saying…


100mg on Friday night and another 100mg on Wednesday morning. If it was 200mg two times a week, I’d be like Shrek :slight_smile:

Thanks for the love everyone! I will keep you guys posted on what happens/outcome. I opted into seeing a PA since it cost less. I don’t know the downsize to it.

Glad to hear people are having positive experiences,

Oh I’m 37 BTW.

Drop the clomid. 90% that’s your problem.


I always have quite the giggle when I see these well known and established clinics somehow omit measuring the most important lab of them all, Free Testosterone, yet measure LH and FSH for guys on TRT. What the hell are they expecting to see by measuring those? They will always be at near zero while on TRT so why waste time and money on them?


So their (Defy) typical on boarding lab panel includes LH & FSH while the follow up panel does not. Free Test is included in both panels. You can usually adjust the panels as you need, though the typical panels are bundled and you get a bit of a discount for the bundle vs separate, so removing one might not give the discount you’re expecting. You can add tests as needed, next time I’m adding DHT & Vit-D; or add a more inclusive thyroid panel, Quest or Labcorp tests are all available.

Edit: My bad, i looked up my last lab results and they did include LH in the follow up test but not FSH, no clue why. And yes they do/will prescribe an AI but I get the impression that it’s flexible, just talk to them. I find them very pleasant to work with.

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Glad he took fsh lh. Proves still suppressed with clomid. Some drs think it keeps you fertile.

And op let us know if defy prescribes an ai. Cause that will confirm they are really not that great. From my last take on defy they prescribe and say only if you need it. Which is BS.


Dr Saya is a really knowledgeable doctor, but I think now Defy follow very bad “politics” when it comes to prescribing and compounds

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I don’t think this is true. If you had an issue with your pituitary (cancer, issues with feedback loop, etc…) you may have still have these hormones while on testosterone. Since some on TRT have issues with their pituitaries, checking LH and FSH makes a bit of sense to do on one follow up.

There is at least one example on these forums of people with LH above 1 while on TRT for a year (LH 1.8 after a year on TRT). It happens. Stop with the absolutes and hasty generalizations.


I was with Defy for a bit. IMO, some of it was a PITA. Ordering Rx was a huge pain. They kept me on a short leash. I basically ended up having to pay for express shipping every order. They would only let you order within a window of being close to running out, then it would take them forever to send the order to the compounder. I would pay for 3-5 day shipping and get my order 2 weeks later. To be able to use the standard shipping and not run out, I had to order on about the first day it was allowed, and even then I was very close to running out.

I would suggest if you work with them to have a bit extra stocked up.

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I haven’t personally experienced that, though maybe they’ve let the leash out a bit with the Covid and all. Or perhaps I can’t measure the dose right and I’ve been shorting myself.

Biggest pain for me was having them call in a prescription for me, both times I’ve had to call back and remind them, but that wasn’t for the testosterone.

I’m just so much happier with them than with the endo/PA I was seeing, he was just too hamstrung in dogma and ability to vary from the party line his boss laid out, spent a year futzing with dosing schedule, but refusing to up the dose.

I am running solo now. I just get blood work pulled same as with Defy. Make sure lipids, hematocrit, liver, kidney, prostate are good. They hardly tweaked anything anyways.

The difficult part is procuring Test, which was difficult at first, but now it is quite easy, but illegal.


Thanks for the tip. Will definitely keep this in mind :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “bad politics”?

With doctor Nichols at tier1 health and wellness.

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If you feel alright and your HCT markers aren’t unreasonable (>52%), they usually allow levels above the reference ranges. I know Dr. Saya is conservative on HCT levels as he is very knowledge in matters of the heart, more so than a lot of cardiologists.

Dr. Saya’s position on HCT, “thicker blood, more pressure in the pipes.”

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