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Experience With Chains?


I've thought about using chains for benching, and I've read and done research about them. I've decided to include them in my upper body day. I'm just looking for some feedback about chains from anyone who has used them in the past.thanks.


What are you numbers and how long have you been lifting?


my current max is 245. I've been lifting for two years and am 16 years old.


You don't need to get into chains yet. It should be pretty easy for you to put extra pounds on your bench without them. They definitely have their place in bench training but not until you have used other methods and have hit a big plateau.

Try strengthening the pressing muscles like shoulders, back, and triceps first. Then you can try some heavy board presses to bring up your sticking point in the range of motion. Then after you become stagnant you can start to incorporate chains.