Experience with Capping Machines?

So I want to start capping my own anavar. It seems very easy (just watched videos on YouTube) lol. I have no experience with a capping machine. I home brew all of my injectables and my source only offers raw powder. Does anyone have any experience with capping machines? Which one is best to buy, and how I do the math to make every cap cole out to 80mg? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

I home source and find there is no point in capping. You will be making caps with widely different concentrations and its a big mess. Better to just make a suspension, thats what i do and its more uniform.

I second that. Either make a suspension or a solution, depending on the powder. I understand that anavar gets clumpy in a suspension, so perhaps it needs to be a pure solution instead. But if you look around you’ll find all kinds of information about making oral solutions/suspensions.

Yes I’ve made suspension in the past. I use virgin olive oil. It does get clumpy. But if capping isn’t worth the hassle I’ll just stick with that. You guys have a different liquid you think might wor better?

OraPlus. It’s made for that exact purpose. Works great, takes on whatever flavor you add (I suggest something concentrated stuff like Mio), and is easy to measure out and dose.

i got some propolyne glycol, tastes like shit though but can make solutions with alot of different compounds

Capping steroids is a bit fiddlyand time consuming but it works. The tricky part is working out how much filler you need as the amount of steroid per capsule is actually very small. There are several websites that tell you how to calculate and cap. Work out on paper how many mg of steroid per cap you want and multiply that by how many doses you need for a cycle.
Once you have done a dry run with filler, you can work out the weight of filler you need to remove and replace it with the total amount of steroid for your cycle.
Record that amount for future use.
Mix up the filler and steroid with a mortar and pestle, really well to ensure you get an even dose of steroids per capsule.
I use protein powder as a filler. I powderise it by itself even more with a mortar and pestle before doing the dry run. Pack the filler powder into the set up capping frame quite densely, so you get a full capsule. This part makes sure your capsules will be evenly filled, when the steroid is added later in the process, and ensures that you get the same dose per capsule.

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