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Experience with Biotest.co.uk? Scam?


Hi, my name is Alexander and i'm from Denmark. I have recently had some problems regarding the Biotest.co.uk store... story below.

On october 21st I ordered some Surge and Metabolic Drive from the site and the confirmation mail i got looked alright? The problem is, I haven't heard anything from them since that mail even though i've sent them like 3 (one from there contact form on the page), and they have billed my creditcard for the correct amount? Seems a little strange. So if anybody actually ordered something from Biotest.co.uk?, please share, and tell me if you have experience the same?

Something else happened just today, but that might not be related to this. I recieved an email from a bank, Alliance & Leicester:

"Access To Your Account(s) Has Been Disabled .
Dear Alliance Leicester Internet Banking Customer - It has come to the notice of the online security team that there has been multiple attempts to logon to your account unsuccessfully.
Therefore we have decided to send you this error notification.
Access to your accounts have been blocked.

Whenever we think something doesn't look right with your account, we'll call or e-mail you and try to get to the bottom of the matter. You may now restore your access to our online services Restore Internet Banking."

I just find it all suspicious as hell. Anybody think this could be online phising?


Sincerely, Alexander


that sounds very suspicious, perhaps you have a key-stroke logger on your computer? Biotest uk is a real company - but not a part of Biotest here. they just buy the supps and sell them on for a premium


You're from Denmark and you have an account with Alliance and Leicester? Surely that is a phishing email.


And i would have categorized it so, if it was'nt for the fact that i have'nt heard ANYTHING from Biotest.co.uk... Guess i'm just paranoid but i was afraid that Biotest.co.uk was trying to scam me through that mail?


I think it's a coincidence. If they were going to scam you, surely they would do it by not sending you the goods you ordered?


You're probably right... but the thing is, they have'nt sent an email saying that my order has shipped or nothing, yet they have billed my credit card?


Hey Alexander...my advice is for you to definitiely click on the link provided in that e-mail and enter your account details to unlock your account. You don't want to have an locked up bank account becuase then you can't buy lots of nice things and will be missing out! It is very important not to let this happen. Act now.


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Sounds like George from Phonejacker!



Had to add another one for good measure. Sorry OP, but just looking at the prices on that site, why the hell would you even order from them. It's beyond me.



Have you checked that you're allowed to import Surge and Metabolic Drive in Denmark? Perhaps there is an ingredient that isn't legal here in Denmark.


Even if that was the case, the company would have still shipped the package, and the OP would have gotten a letter or phone call from Danish customs telling him that the package was rejected/returned/destroyed.