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Experience with Australia Customs/Seizure

Hey everyone just thought i would put this out there and see if any Aussie T-Nationers had experience in this area.

I ordered some gear off an internet site a cpl months back. Put another order with them after the first so the products would arrive separately. Recevied a letter from customs saying they had picked up the first parcel and were not taking further action although may consider it should further seizures occur etc. I have ordered 500 dbol tabs as well so am guessing they will come in separate packages. What do ppl think the chances of me actually being charged for something is??


You order a shitload of dbol into Australia.

Their customs are borderline absurd.

yea dude as an aussie u should know not to mess with customs!!!

they prob will charge you if the letter is an official warning!

Sh#t. Yer i know is a lot but used this company as apparently just came in regular mail rather than through customs - got a free sample which bypassed it that’s why i took the risk… stressin now though…

all mail goes through customs!!! that company just want your money so they wrote that they dont go through.
worst comes to worst you will prob only pay a fine.

Yer i guess so cheers for the input anyway guys

The guys with the most experience with this are in prison and do not have internet access.

I quietly think you’re fucked. Your address is flagged and further purchases through to you will be checked for a while. I think the fine is 10k or something for that much.

Just to let you guys know ended up with another seizure notice with no further action so all good. Guess i will just have to stick with the ridculous local prices and limited selection for now…