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Experience With AG-Guys?

Today I received my Liquid Clen from the AG-Guys. (Pretty fast delivery) I’m planning on trying it out tomorrow to see if it’s legit. HaHa I don’t want to try it now because if it is good I’ll be up all night. I was wondering if anybody has tried their products or have heard about them?

I figured I’d order the clen that way I could test it and see if it was legit. I then want to order some liquid arimidex and clomid.

Their website kind of confused me because they said don’t take more than 1-3 drops at first. That’s not near a ML which is supposed to equal 200 mcg. I’m curious why they are suggesting such a small dose at first.

Anybody ever use them?

200 mcg, or 20 mcg?

Ok, it’s 200 mcg’s and I see my error. The pills come in 20 mcg’s. So I need to take 1/10th of a ML to get that.

Ha Ha Forgive the brain fart, math was never my strong point. Hookt on maff werked 4 mee.

Have you heard of AG-Guys?

I have ordered some stuff through them, I can tell you the clen WORKS. Take approx 1/2 the dropper the first time you use it. My frineds ordered some luqidex and have had good results. Order shipped fast too.


Yep, it works. Thanks guys.