Experience with Adrenal Fatigue?

Does anyone have experience training with Adrenal Fatigue? If so, how have you structured your training regimine without overtraining?

I have never heard of that. Can you describe it a little better?

[quote]mindeffer01 wrote:
I have never heard of that. Can you describe it a little better?

Yes, Adrenal Fatigue is a condition in which the adrenal glands function at a sub-optimal level when patients are at rest, under stress, or in response to consistent, intermittent, or sporadic demands. This is generally a result of exposure to persistent or severe emotional or physical stress. Cortisol is the hormone which allows the body to handle stress and maintain the immune system. As a result of the exposure to severe or long term emotional or physical stress, the adrenal glands become fatigued from having to produce excessive amounts of Cortisol.

Treatment for this syndrome is similar to treatment for mononucleosis i.e., lots of rest, fluids, large doses of vitamins, and nutritionally balanced meals consumed at regular intervals.

The nutritional aspect is already taken care of. My diet is already balanced (I generally run a 40/40/20 macronutrient ratio w/ 2,800 to 3,000 calories per day) and I consume a high level of fluids (water) and vitamins (in tablet form) on a daily basis.

FYI, I am 5 foot 7 inches, 180 lbs, approx 8%-9% bodyfat. For those that are critical, i.e., saying I need to bulk, Ill go ahead and give you a run down of my training history: Ive been training since I was 12 years old (I’m now 26). It wasnt until about three years ago that I got more serious. I completely changed my training focus and went from 147 lbs. to 196 lbs. in about 18 months. Of course bodyfat came with those gains.

Therefore last spring, after bulking up for another 6 months, I decided to cut down to see what I looked like. I was able to go from weighing 200 lbs at 18% bodyfat to 165 lbs at 6% bodyfat in a period of 4 months. After that I started noticing changes in my recovery periods and general fatigue and weakness. I re-evaluated my diet and routine, took time off to recover from overtraining, but nothing seemed to work.

I saw a doctor who said that I had Adrenal Fatigue. The problem is that Im not sure how to go about designing a training program to work around the rest phase part of the treatment. Weight training is such a huge part of my life that I cannot imagine having to stop training all together for an extended period of time. This is a long term syndrome so its not like I can just take a week off and start training again.

In general it is recommended that physical training be limited to brief periods (less than 20 minutes) that do not over exert the CNS. Any suggestions regarding how to go about training without over exerting my CNS while at the same time maintaining what gains I have made would be greatly appreciated.