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Experience With 5/3/1 Rest Pause Challenge?

I was wondering what people experience was with the 531 Rest Pause Challenge was? Did you see good Hypertrophy and Strength gains? Was the Volume enough? Did you enjoy it?

I’ve never heard of this, Following…

Haven’t done this specific template, but have done widowmakers and rest pause training before. If you enjoy those, you are not doing them correctly.

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I wouldn’t say it’s “enjoyable” but would say its different than the typical 531 training in the sense that with Widowmaker and Rest Pause training your pretty much going all out every workout and training to or pretty close to failure. With the new 531 with 5s Pro and no PR sets you’re really never training to or close to failure.

That depends. There are plenty of 531 templates in the new book that use widowmakers, and all the programs have PR sets in the anchor (some in the leader, too). You’re right in that there are many programs where the leader phases use 5’s PRO and BBB, 5x5 FSL, or BBS as the supplement where nothing is pushed close to failure in these cycles.