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Experience w/ Testosterone Boosters?

Does anyone have any experience with primordial performance or any other testosterone boosters? I had second thoughts after starting a cycle and wanted to try something less drastic. I was wondering about other people’s experiences or whether products such as Test. conversion factor 1 really work?

It’s been my experience that herbal test boosters only work for about 10 days… Then your body adapts to them and your back to square one from there.

Far better in my opinion to address estrogen and xenoestrogens first as this gets to the root of the problem.

My first reply. In regards to test boosters, they work for me but only to a certain extent. My voice gets deeper and my strength (increase a little bit) and confidence (a lot) and I feel good.
For testosterone supplements: My favorites are Animal Stak and T-bomb. I like Animal Stak the best. I take 50 mg of DHEA and take L-Dopa (velet bean) with the Animal Stak. That’s as good as it gets for a safe testosterone booster. I tried a lot of other stuff and they all make me sick or don’t work. I have done prohormones when they were legal and nothing out there compares to that Alpha Male feeling and strength increase.

Some people think I take steriods but I don’t. My strength and size is due to CLEAN AND PRESSES, PRESSES, DUMBBELL PRESS, SQUATS. Those excercises work better than any natural test booster for increasing your testosterone levels and changing your body. If I was to recommend one excercise it would be the clean and press.