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Experience w/Multi Cardio Sessions


I have been on a very slow cut losing about a pound a week. It is almost like a recomp. I have been thinking of adding in an extra cardio session later in the day when my progress slows rather than dropping my calories. What are peoples opinions and personal experience with this? Thanks in advance.


I think it's a wonderful idea. It seems like with both bulking and cutting, the first part is easiest; all you really have to do is listen to your body. THEN as each progresses, it becomes more difficult. I believe that you can easliy cut down to 10% bodyfat just by taking out a few eggs and some unnessacary carbs.

But at a certain point, you are going to have to throw in some more cardio or cut your meals smaller, (or both depending on how low of a bodyfat you are trying to reach.)TO each his own though. Some very lucky individuals can get way with not doing as much.


Thanks. I usually have to work very hard for fat loss and size gains come much easier. I am more on the endo/meso side. For the record that picture of me is at 230 lbs during the summer. I am currently 206. My carbs come from oats and a little fruit throughout the day. Some from milk PWO. Fats from natty PB, almonds, and egg yolks. Proteins from Chicken, Tilapia, Milk, and Whey Protein PWO. I am in college and cook all of my own food so I can stay on track pretty easily.


You can add cardio to speed up fat loss but don't over do it. Its more important to train with heavy weights during a cut to preserve muscle. Im an endo/meso too and in the same boat as you. Muscle and fat gain is easy while fat loss is a pain. My only advice is to count your calories. You will be ripped in no time, keep up the good work.

PS. Some people suggest an all out fat loss attempt that only last for 1 month. This would be easier since it only last for a short amount of time. The velocity diet is an example of this. I think you can get very similar results by eating smart and not having to buy $700 worth of supplements as you have to on the v-diet.


hahaha yeah I don't have the money for a ton of supplements anyway. Most of my money goes to whole food and some cheap whey. Thanks for the advice though.


Hmm. your diet allowed you to get to your strength/size levels in the first place.
So changing it is going to affect your strength/size no matter what you train like.

I agree with your approach, but would add this:

Eat your hi-energy meals before 6, then it's down to lean protein sources and vegetables/trace carbs.

Fasted cardio in the mornings on off-days (No running, just brisk walking or some equivalent for 30-60 minutes and if you want to cut faster, do this every day but leg day).

Works very well for dropping bf (not all that fast, but better than crash-dieting) without sacrificing muscle.

You can train and progress normally while doing this, until you get relatively close to comp shape.

If you can't progress anymore, just add some olive oil to your pre-6 shakes.

Good luck with your cut.