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Experience w/ Jack3d-Silly Question?


Hi there guys,
Long story short: Im on my second tub of Jack3d and I feel like although my workouts are more intense that I get sorta angry (not in a good way) with my training partner for eg if he loses count or something stupid I get pissed and then throughout the rest of the day generally 1) want to workout again hah but 2) find myself being sort of i dunno down (because depressed is a pretty harsh word) like just picking fights with my girlfriend and stuff lol
Im just wondering if anyone here had any similar experiences or has any input on it!

Im going to lower the dosage to 1 scoop b4 a workout for the rest of this tub and then give it a rest for a while!

Thanks for reading!


You really think that's the jacked?

Come on man, you obviously have something in your life causing you to be irritable and depressed feeling.

It's not the jacked.


what would getting angy in a good way with your training parter even be?


you're probably just a dick


Remove your tampon and see how you feel


jack3d is teh roidz


I like to snort jacked as well.


You gotta be careful with the creatine bro..

I took 3 scoops of noxplode once, big mistake...ended up at the city Zoo, killed a panda with my bare hands


haha! this is pretty much what i expected except for overstands comment actually made me lol because as i read it i thought it was legit!

angry in a good way is..yknow getting angry under the bar and just hitting that switch and taking it to the next level if you get me, I didnt mean getting angry at him in a good way i just meant getting angry in a good way. Ya follow me?

I tried a tampon removal before posting so im pretty sure its not that and I also had my vagina checked for sand it wasnt that either!

Im a mentally stable person studying law in college with a decent part-time job good grades and a lot going for me im a really happy dude honest but I just feel a little different on the jack3d and find it hard to explain it. But the differences I noticed in my training (im aware it could just be psychological) were huge.

So yeah Rocky2 I really feel like it is the jack3d although try understand on paper it sounds a lot worse than what I actually mean its just hard to put the feeling into words!

Thanks for the replies,
made me lol

Forgot- the picking fights with my girlfriend sounds bad but i just mean like giving her a hard time about something that normally wouldnt bother me yknow like waiting 10 minutes for her to get ready and instead of saying "yeh cool lets go" im like "what took so long" I dont mean anything major lol the main thing is the irritable while training and my training partner is my best friend for the record

and before you guys go recommending fucking suicide or depression hotlines give me a break im just trying to give examples of the irritable feeling ive been having!


Is there caffeine in Jacked? I don't know what's in it, but some of these pre-workout formulas are totally loaded with caffeine and stimulants. I tried a tub of one brand, and when I would take it, I was ready to jump out of my skin. One time, I almost started a fight with a total stranger at the gym for not putting his fucking weights away (LOL) and I'm almost 50 years old. It definitely raised my aggression. And obviously that doesn't immediately end, the moment you walk out of the gym.

Now I mix up my own pre workout formula, after cherry picking and choosing the substances that seem legitimate (creatine, leucine, etc - make your own list) and eliminating stuff that seems like crap, and the stimulants too.


Well to me it is clear that u mad because you're wasting money...


I'm not a huge fan of Jack3d myself. Besides finding it underdosed, either the schindrol a or geranium stem make me crash super hard. I also found that I grew a tolerance to it pretty quick and it no longer was the value it claimed. Plus at 3 scoops my body would be so stimulated that I felt like I needed to sit down (not good for working out!). Now I just grab bulk BCAA's, beta alanine, caffine, and tyrosine to mix together for my pre-workout.


Thanks for the last few posts they were a little more understanding! Yeah I think il go back to Olimp BCAA xplode or what ever and sip that while i workout!

Yeh it prob is a crash from the caffeine actually because I dont normally drink coffee or anything so maybe im just super sensative to it!

about the wasting money comment- I dont know whether its psychological or what but just for example the week before i tried jack3d for the first time I military pressed (with strict form) 55kg x 5 which i was very happy with then the next week (with jack3d) I was able to do 8 x 55. Now im not claiming Jack3d is responsible but in some way it must be related whether it just be my attitude under the bar or knowing ive just taken something which is meant to help increase my intensity and therefore I just push myself harder who knows either way i've had a good experience from Jack3d but just found myself being narky (best way to put it) throughout the day afterwords (sometimes not all the time)

So perhaps its just a crash. Today I only had 1 heaped scoop workout went well and I feel much much better today!

Thanks again for replys


I also think it could be a sensitivity to stimulants. If I take a lot of ephedrine and caffeine (like 3x a day) I start to get irritable after a couple of days.

... but you're probably just being a dick.


hah appreciate it!

so the general opinion is 1) It could be a crash.
and 2) Im a dick.

glad we got this out of the way haha


Maybe it's because I'm a law student as well, but I took this to refer to his law school education, haha.


Haha! I really doubt Zraw meant it that way, but if he did...way to cut deep man! But keep in mind College in Ireland is paid for by the government once you do well enough in high school (very well for law) then you can do that course so for me its nothing like the 40grand some colleges charge in the states. Or so I hear.

If it was aimed at the jack3d I really dont think it was a waste of money besides the bitchyness factor (which has been pointed out is probably to do with my vagina) It really intensified my workouts and again ive all ready acknowledged that it could be psychological, what ever it was it worked on me...perhaps too well!


Agreed, it worked, im sure it did (no sarcasm here).

Its just highly paid for a placebo effect + a little "buzz"

Save the tub, fill it with bcaa some koolaid and a bit of cafein. Than find a way to not remember you did that.

You'll get the same effects, for cheaper


Jacked is one of the only pre workout supplements I ever buy. It has 1,3 DMAA which is a pretty powerful CNS stimulant. I'd take it more often if it didn't kill my boner for a couple days after taking it.


haha wow man i was only getting midly depressed but killing a boner? No way throw that shit out haha- just playing!

Zraw the problem is the placebo effect you refer to would imply I dont know that its not the drug having an effect on me but since I acknowledged that there is a big chance it is psychological then it doesnt really apply here does it?

and when you say caffeine do you add coffee to your bcaa's? or caffeine powerder (or just get some capsules into you?)

I liked the bcaa's i was taking a few months ago and il go back to them as soon as this tub of jack3d is finished.

Honestly guys thanks for all the replies. I'd be lost without your advice...except the vagina posts..just playing especially the vagina posts haha