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Experience w/ DMAA (Methylhexanamine)?


I've noticed this drug listed in a few supplements, most prominently in a pre-workout supplement I will not name. Has anyone got any experience with using this?

I'm interested because I recently received some freebies from a supplement company along with my last order, and this is the main ingredient in one of them. I don't use any stimulants, apart from the occasional caffeinated drink, and I wonder whether this is safe.


There is some merit to the compound. I evaluated it for use at Biotest when it first became available and recommended not doing so either for HOT-ROX or Spike, not on account of particular danger to the compound or frank illegality, but simply from not really enhancing either formulation. It is in fact a perfectly reasonable stimulant in my opinion and as a standalone product, or as a stimulant ingredient in a product lacking enough stimulation, can be a reasonable choice.

It's a compound that probably doesn't have much future though because at least some insurers (responsible supplement companies are insured) now refuse to cover products containing geranamine. I don't know whether it's all of the insurers yet or not that are refusing to cover it. But anyway this is leading to "geranamine" being kind of a fringe product.

With regard to having a supplement already in hand that contains it, personally I wouldn't worry about the safety. As with anything gross overdosing would be unwise, but I don't think any of the products brought to market had label doses that represented overdosing.


Thanks for your comprehensive response, Bill. And thanks to the mod that gave this thread a better title.


Yes Bill has the best answers on T Nation (T muscle, T mag?) regarding ergogenics IMO.


I really like it for focus, but honestly never did a real comparison to Spike. I like it almost 80% as much as d-amphetamine though for focus which is saying a lot.


Thanks for your input. I tried a 50mg dose of the geranamine, and it gave me a nice boost.


It's also banned by WADA and all its national affiliates, so if you're a competitive athlete make sure you steer clear.


Just added this into my supplement regime, will advise progress/experience if anyone is interested.


Please sir, I want some more.


Great drug. I prefer the lowest recommended dose because I workout only a few hours before I go to sleep.


I'm taking 50mg + 200mg caffeine (plus the usual workout stuff). Nice mellow down so far after training (2 sessions only). Noticed a few extra reps but need bigger sample......


I workout 3-4 hrs pre sleep, 1 good night 1 bad, again need more samples.


3rd DMAA supplemented workout down; again, lovely pleasant 'stable' feeling during and post workout.

Seems like the combo of caffeine and DMAA (with me) is a nice balance, and as often described, felt pleasantly calm and focussed during the workout.

For anyones interest, I also supplement with creatine pre (5g) and during (3g), in addition to beta-alanine, citruline malate, and a nice dosing of BCAAs (pre and during) and dextrose (20g). Only change recently (as in last 8-months) has been the DMAA.

Training partner for the day was very surprised during the chest workout at the rep numbers I was accumulating, plus he noted afterwards that the pace I was training at was well above his (hasn't trained with me in a few months).


Week and a half in, no sleeping issues, good workouts still, no change to the nice 'stable' feeling I'm getting during workouts.


I 100% doubt that will change.


So, another week on......

Generally what I am finding is that I am in a nice stable feeling (mellow usual word used) during the ENTIRE workout.

What I think this is leading to is that I am well focussed on every exercise every workout.

Its not like a crazy rush feeling, but the ability to go to my 'special place' and give maximal effort for the entire session.

Is this like a fatigue prevention thing? No.

Ending some workouts I have felt like I could do more, however I usually like to do an honesty test to see physically where I'm at (e.g. end of chest workout, can I do a bodyweight dip or more; end of back can I do a pull-up.....something where usually I can go forever and get bored but can I do it if the primary muscle groups have been trained).

These honesty tests are ending in failure.

I'm not magically 'stronger', but my logbook tracking is showing elevated working training volumes across the board, and now my nutritional tracking is starting to show consistent caloric increases as well.

Friend of mine using DMAA as well (different gym) is basically describing the same thing.

Good times :slight_smile: