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Experience w/ Androgen Gel? Results?

Hey guys,

Im not a steroid user or anything, but I am going to start using androgen gel for medical purposes.

Long story short: planning on having the gynecomastia surgery, went to the endocrinolgoist as a precautionary measure, got a blood test, my testosterone is way to fucking low. I have a condition called relative primary hypogonadism, which is essentially, low testosterone (and a direct link to my gynecomastia).

So, basically I have been busting my ass without the best results because of this low testosterone. When i heard the news, yes, i was pretty much crushed, and devastated, all these years wondering why i am not as RIPPED as i SHOULD be. Anyway, im over it now.

I am starting it today, and am still planning on getting the surgery in december during my Xmas break.

My question is, how many of you have experimented with this ? And what kind of results did you get ? and is it worth it? Whether you used it for medical or pharmacologial purposes doenst matter. Thank you guys.



I had some blood tests done not too long ago and found out I had low test and high estrogen. My estrogen was so out of wack, my doc put me on Arimadex(anti estrogen) and also wanted to put me on androgel. I opted to start with just the Arimadex. It has brought my estrogen levels way down and my test has started to come back up to some what normal level. It may make sense for you to run that idea past your doctor. Just my 2 cents. Let us know what happens.

Campy, thanks for the response. Yeah, it turns out my estrogen is fine, meaning, normal levels, but one might consider it high in proportion to my low testosterone. I will update yall on the gel. THanks…

I’ve done both the patch and the gel. The patch left burn marks on my skin and the gel gave me a rash. I now do 140 mg (.7 cc) of depo T every 9 day’s IM. There is a new way to get your T, it’s kind of a piece of gum that you stick in your mouth. I think the name is Striant. Good luck