Experience Resuming TRT?

Hi everyone - I’ve been following the forums for some time, but now I’m all in.

I’m 47, an avid BJJ practitioner, but living a normal life with responsibilities at home, at work, and managing many personal and professional roles. A few years ago (43 yrs old) I felt many symptoms of low-T. I found a wonderful doc on the east coast who after much bloodwork, discussion, and weighing options, started me on a modest 100mg/wk of test cypionate protocol. I did this for about 6 months with regular checkups and bloodwork, and eventually raised my dosage to 125mg/wk. Everything worked as advertised. My total T was optimized, and many of the symptoms either disappeared or were greatly reduced. However, around the same time I got engaged and remarried, and my wife wanted kids. So after another long discussion, my doc pulled me off T and put me on 100mg of Clomid in order to restart my system.

Advance the clock 1 year, and wife is now pregnant with a baby boy. After patiently waiting thru the first trimester, we agreed that I would talk to my doc about resuming T.

Another full blood panel and an hour long discussion, and I’m resuming my protocol. 100mg/wk of test cyp, with the addition of an every-other-day HCG injection. The idea is to preserve some fertility until we are 100% sure there are no more children in our future.

Which leads me to my question - has anyone had a great experience with TRT, only to take an 18 month break, and resume their protocol? Looking at my logs, it took about 4-5 months before I started experiencing the benefits last go-around. Should I expect the same this time, or should I expect the effects a bit sooner? (Recognizing this is a broad, generalized question).

Looking forward to engaging everyone on the forum.


Yeah you can expect it to take some time to get the full effects. Since you’ve experienced it before you’ll be in a better position this time around. I’ve found that 12 weeks in it’s when the positive aspects really start taking shape and it gets better from there.

Congrats with the baby on the way! Very exciting!

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Thank you my friend! I am managing my expectations - I was thinking a few months…so nice to hear you say around 12 weeks. I’ll keep everyone posted for sure. Cheers!

You should expect the same or at least very similar results. Plenty of guys start, stop and restart for various reasons. I would hold off on the hCG until you were a few months away from starting the process for the next one.


If you ever want to try for another kid, add FSH injections to your TRT+HCG protocol before ceasing TRT again.

This just highlights guys who go on TRT can still have children. 100mg clomid protocol, whoa!

I think that’s what Dr O’Conner uses. He talked about it on one of his radio shows back in the day.

Thanks for the tip, @systemlord! I appreciate it!