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Experience Pinning EOD vs Every 3.5 Days?

Thinking about switching to EOD injections, hoping to get more stability. Has anyone gone from 2 times a week to EOD? how did you feel? how did your bloodwork change?

Also, I have high SHBG naturally and have read that frequent injections are recommended for guys with low SHBG. would it be detrimental or me to do it then?

I personally do better with more frequent injections but it takes a little while before you really want difference.

I’ve done both and could not tell the difference. You may, or may not, only one way to find out.

There really is little, if any, correlation between SHBG and dosing frequency.


I also think there are other reasons why some guys do better on more frequent dosing.

I went from eod to ed and feeling great from monday to friday nothing on the weekends, but just as @systemlord i experience some sking issues also some hair shed despite being on finasteride also microdose.
But better erections more stable mood and libido
Going back to eod and oily tired skin on face starts to fade away
Is your shbg low, in reality is the only reasonable point to have in mind to do more frequent injections

My SHBG is high actually

I’ve done both and noticed zero difference.

I think high SHBG guys can do frequent injections, you’ll just have to take more T (probably) to get FT high enough to resolve symptoms

I agree, while most of the guys do weekly injections, and by far most do once or twice weekly, I wish there was a way to identify the best outcome beforehand.

I also wish guys here would understand that. Too many of my guys want to do three times weekly, or daily (and I will work with them) only to end up on one or two a week anyway.

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3x per week MWF works great for me. 120mg split into 40mg shots. EOD would work great too. With more frequent shots you can definitely get away with using less test and getting better results with the least side affects. Good luck

EOD feels better than E3.5 days. But that may also be due to the fact that I don’t take anastrozole anymore

how’s your shbg?

I’m not sure what it is currently, but before TRT it was on the higher end of normal (45) 15 - 55 range.