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Experience Pain at the End of an IM Injection?

I’ve had this happen now twice in one week in different glutes, so wanted to check in and see what other guys have experienced. I had some small air bubbles left in the syringe, but nothing too large. I inject pretty slowly for best absorption with miminal/no bleeding over about 45 seconds of time usually.

At the very end of the syringe when I’m pushing hard to make sure everything is out, I feel a sharp “OUCH” pain that causes me to withdraw the syringe involuntarily and say “Owwww!” – Wondering if it’s the air bubbles, or I’m pressing on a nerve?

The small air bubbles are not a concern. My guess is that tip of the needle is shifting around in the muscle fibers and connecting with nerve fibers as you increase pressure. Good injection technique requires two steady hands and relaxed posture. I don’t think it’s even possible to do trying to twist around and stab it in your glutes. Your ventrogluteal region is a safer choice than the anteriolateral glutes BTW. Too many nerves and vessels in that area.

My guess is that you are pushing the needle deeper or torquing the syringe to the side a little bit, even if you don’t know it, and the tip of the needle is moving into new tissue one way or the other.

There really isn’t a need to push hard to get that “good to the last drop”. Once you have depressed the plunger to the bottom, you’re not going to squeeze anything more out of it.