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Experience on Andropen/Tren/D-bol Cycle


Hi All,

Just thought I would share with you my experiences on a cycle I am currently on of andropen/tren/and d - bol.

Firstly, this is my first injectable cycle. I have posted previous posts showing worrys about the whole injection thing. haha, how I laugh when I see myself now 5 weeks into my cycle, I shot every day left quad right quad right delt left delt, and love it!

For the first four weeks I will be honest and say I didnt see any results whatsoever. I was constantly weighing myself to the point of obsession. I see no gains in strength, and quite frankly I thought my gear was fake, I kept telling my friend who has done many cycles and all he would say is "just wait" lol.

The strangest thing happened, I thought I would stay away from the scales and left it a week before weighing myself again. I was training back and put my normal weight on for deadlifts, it felt like the plates were full of feathers! I carried on piling on the weight and felt such a buzz. I felt like superman. I then went and weighed myself and weighed 14pound more!!. I actually stepped off and tryed differant scales and got the same! 4 weeks of nothing! and then suddenly everything changed! does anyone respond like this? I thought especially as I was using the d - bol and the short esters in the andropen I would have felt like I was "on" earlier on!

Anyway, 6 weeks in, everytime I step on the scales I seem to have gained more weight, my strength is through the roof and so far I have experienced no sides at all!!, This cycle (for me) really kicks ass!

currently I have gained over 20 pounds and actually look more ripped!

Anyone else used a similar cycle? what were your experiences? I will post pics shortly


apologies 2nd paragragh stated 5 weeks, its actually 6!


Id be somewhat worried that you may have not got what you had paid for. Either that or your just arent eating enough.

Using a multi estered test blend with d bol and tren for 4 weeks and no gains would scare me.

You said your injections were daily which means you were injecting the tren often enough and Im going to assume that since those injections were daily that the andropen was injected often enough as well.

What was your dose on the d bol?


Exactly what I thought, seems weird it all started happening at once. Although I am happy now I am concerned with the lack of gains in the first 4 weeks.

75mg ED Tren
200mg EOD Andropen
30mg ED d - bol.


I ran test/tren/dbol for my last bulking cycle. I wasn't able to gain as much weight as I would have liked due to my hunger issues with tren but was able to gain almost 20 lbs and a shit load of strength. New Deadlift and Squat PRs. I can also remember a squat workout that I had to double check my weight because it didn't feel like I was adding anything. Awesome feeling.


Only here can we say "i wasnt able to gain as much as i would have liked - only 20lbs" and mean it!

Poor, poor life naturals.. :wink:


Are you feeling alright? Sleeping well? Its not advisable to run tren for your first cycle. Especially at 75mg ed.


Id be concerned as well as as I just put on 16 lbs in two weeks on 200mg/wk less than what you using and with a starting weight of close to 50 lbs heavier.


I have been fine, none of the issues I have read associated with tren, I have cycled before, but only on orals.

I actually stated on 60ED but upped the dosage.


Is that Avatar picture before or after?! :wink:


Thats before, in fact about 18monthes ago when I hadnt touched any AAS, Il have to get some more recent pics!


Yeah time to represent properly.

I'm running a very similar stack to use. Less tren a bit more test and dbol. Lovin' it. My weight surged immediately as did my strength which is not surprising since I train specifically for strength.

al how long are you running the dbol? In fact how long is your whole cycle?


I think you should post a before and after pic just so we can see the change. Inspire us. And show that the proof is in the pudding.


Well i will say (with my neck on the line as i havent seen you AFTER yet..) that you seem to have a good base for anabolics.
Many people start from such a low level, it takes them much more drugs and time to get to a decent level..

If you have a decent amount of leanness and some muscle - especially proprioception - then it is usually a better story.

Here's hoping you prove me right..! I only had my history and common sense to go on there.. ;p