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Experience DOMS


ive been training for some time now, 4x a week. However, i regularly experience DOMS. I thought that the longer you train for, you'll slowly experience less DOMS in time? So am i doing something wrong? *i am still hitting PRS every week with 5/3/1 so i doubt its overtraining.

it hinders my workout sometimes, for instance, after my upper body day on saturday, i tend to not feel like doing my lower body training on sunday due to the aches and i guess it just makes me feel not up to it? (though sometimes i still can get amazing lifts. well to me anyway (:slightly_smiling:


you will probably always get it to some degree, that's just how it goes. usually it is more intense if you are new, or coming back from a break, or changed the routine, etc. of course diet and rest play a role as well... but not to the point of never getting sore at all

if you are training on a split you will always have some body parts that are sore when you are training different ones. ideally you would arrange it so that there isn't any significant interference... like I wouldn't want to train back the day before legs, or triceps before chest for example.


Back in highschool I was sore every workout big time, but since I came over to T-Nation, started eating like an adult as Dan John says and increased my fish oil big time that soreness doesn't seem to be any where near it used too...and the workouts have definitely been much harder.

I don't have any science behind me personally but if your diet is shit, than from my experience and taking the advice here my diet was purely a huge reason.


I never get DOMS if I train something at least twice a week. I get pains though, but DOMS, never.(well except for when starting off something new)

The more often you train something the less DOMS it will give you. At least that's my experience so far...


Get a sex change operation. Everyone knows that your upper body musculature is connected to your quads through a nerve bundle located in the anterior wall of your uterus. It's basic phys.

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Usually, if you're working in the hypertrophy range and pushing close to failure, you'll have doms for a day or two. When the weight gets high enough that you're only getting the prescribed number of reps (five or below), it'll decrease significantly.


ive recently started Chad Warterbury's rep set bible and man that stuff burns lmaoo

i do like 6x6 on any compound exericse , follow up with another compound exercise for the same muscle group like 5x10 and one iso at like 3x12.

my muslce hurts the day after haha :slight_smile:

if ur hitting them pr's though on 531 surely everything else is irrelevant? its a strength routine!


of course i do train through DOMS, i always try to never pussy out on my workouts. (:

looking at the advice given, ok ill try checking on my diet, and ok light DOMS not no more DOMS. got it.

and yeaa, PRs are still coming. i guess it may be cause on the last work set i always hit as much as i can. i never hit the point of failure, but to the rep where i know the next would crush me. (:


and whats your goal for stopping so short of failure?? im just curious whats your wkout look like ,rest,food etc...


like Broz says, "your body lies to you." push thru the discomfort.


yup phatphit! gotta push through the discomfort, or we'll never ever get anything done. (:

lilyguns: i dont stop SO short from failure. just a rep from it. my goal is to gain strength. currently doing 5/3/1 by jim wendler. you can look it up, its a pretty popular strength gaining program. (: and its recommended not to train to failure and leave a rep in the tank. (:

my nutrition is not too good, im in the army so the choice of food + timing of meals are not up to me. the best i can do is buy some packet milk and snacks such as almonds to supplement the diet. and army food really kinda sucks. ):

i do have at least 7hrs of sleep every night. (: but i must say the quality is not so good sometimes. i find it hard to fall asleep and sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason. and i have power naps in the afternoon! (:


what broz says basically means ' maybe you feel like you will fail the next rep. you FEEL like that will happen. Don't listen to it. Believe that you can do it and try. You can't know for sure you will reach failure until you try and it happens. Or you'll try and succeed.'

There hasn't been a method other than the broz/bulgarian method that brings you more to failure, but it still works.

So just try and see what happens.


stretch for a solid 10+ mins immediately post workout, especially focus on chest and hamstrings