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Expensive Lifting Belt


I feel it is time to upgrade my lifting belt. I have an Adidas velcro one that exploded off me recently when I was doing Romanian deadlifts. Its not torn or anything but it just made me feel like it wouldn't be very good for going heavier and heavier.

My question is are there really big differences to belts? Is it worth it to pay extra money for a Schiek belt over a much cheaper valeo? Its seems self explanatory but I want to hear from people's experiences. And maybe give me a belt recommendation.


Most good belts are about the same price. Personally, I have a 10 mm inzer belt, cost about 70 bucks. I think that price is pretty standard, no matter the brand. Go check out inzer, thats my advice.


+1 for 10mm inzer. It has a life time guarantee. I prefer single prong, since it’s easy to put on and you can use a different hole for different exerises if you want.


I like my 10mm inzer lever belt.


+3 for the inzer lever belt


went trough allot of those Velcro belts, got one made in a cobblers shop 30 bucks and have it 4 years


Inzer, Schiek, EliteFTS, APT, and Cardillo are all quality. That’s just off the top of my head. Obviously Inzer is very popular. APT is kind of perpetually sold out of stuff, or at least they used to be lol. I have had my Cardillo belt for like 6 years or so, and I absolutely love it.

I’d go with 10mm. and of course make sure you get one that is the same width all the way around. I wouldn’t worry too much about whether you got a double or single prong. I don’t think you really need to wear your belt so tight you can barely get it off; just tight enough so that you can push against it and create that abdominal pressure. Lever belts are really cool also as long as you don’t anticipate your waist size fluctuating often.

Now you could go with a more flexible belt like the one you used to have if you really like those. Get a Spud belt. It’s like those velcro ones, except it’s really nice quality. Stan Efferding squatted and deadlifted in the 800’s with a Spud belt lol.


I agree with the Inzer belt recommendations. I have a 10mm lever belt and it works well. The only downside is that as I’ve lost weight I have to keep moving the lever, but that only takes a flathead screwdriver and about two minutes.



Another vote for the Inzer lever.


I have a 13mm double prong. Don’t get one of those unless you want to spend the next 3 years breaking it in.

If I had it to do over I would get a 10mm, but still double prong because I think it looks sweet.


I guess I’m the only guy who hates his lever belt… Don’t like how the overlap of the belt is inside the belt as opposed to outside on a regular belt plus I don’t like having to unscrew shit when I put on my briefs and or suit.

I have both the 10mm and 13mm Inzer single prong. I broke both in 95% of the way in less than 1 hour. Beside 3mm is chicken shit and doesn’t amount to nothing, IMO.

I’ll probably buy a SPUD belt at some point just because I like them and they look bad ass. I have a pair of the SPUD 2" wrist straps and freaking LOVE em. Those straps will outlive me I’m sure.


Honestly I have a 10mm lever and a 13mm double prong and would defiantly recommend getting a 13mm


Single prong leather is the best, the better brands like Inzer would last longer than a generic. NO velcro, NO cloth


I use a Best Belts 10mm. On the website it is called the “Athlete Belt”


Inzer is quality, expensive but you will be able to keep the belt for over a decade. One of my training partners has a 10mm Toro and is already having to replace it whereas my brothers 10mm inzer is in perfect condition. Each equally training as hard for the most part