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Expendables 2


http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/GulfCoastAvengers/news/?a=37061 Looks like Rourke will be seen less in this film than the first as he will be killed. I hope they have more of the other characters as much as I like Stallone and Stathan it almost seemed like the two where about to make out.


They're making another one? I thought the first one was the worst film since Steel Magnolia. In fact, it was worse. It was the worst movie I've ever seen.


No way.

Full on mindless action.

What more could you want?


This movie was the biggest disappointment ever. I won't see the second one.


Agree - maybe it's my age/nostalgia, but I loved the first one!


It WAS terrible. But I still liked it.



This was actually my first movie purchase after getting a blue ray player. It was perfect.


Oh, I don't know. Maybe some mental stimulation? Mindless action to me means "I'm too stupid to think about one topic for more than a few fleeting seconds, and even then it had better be about explosions and guns or I am not interested, mostly because I lack the mental acumen to be interested in anything else anyways."

Between movies like this and anything directed by Michael Bay, it's hard to imagine any one thing contributing more in a shorter time to the degradation of American culture.


And now we know why DB box squats in the nude...


You went into this movie thinking it was going to have mental stimulation?

I knew exactly what it would be, that's why I bought it.




I didn't see it in the theater. I only saw it because my roommate rented it one evening and I was temporarily paralyzed at the time. I would never have spent my own money on that shitpile.


Dude, it was so awesome that I watched it, paused just long enough to grab another beer and turn the speakers louder, and then watched it again lol


Yup... I doubt anyone was expecting mental stimulation from it. Just good ol' fashion American action.


Exactly. Who watches a Stallone movie and gets disappointed they just watched a Stallone movie?


It was a basic movie...for people with short attention spans who like to see shit blow up......which most guys need from time to time.

I mean, sometimes you don't have time to make love and you just want to fuck.


That's when I turn to porn. It's never let me down........for more than maybe five or ten minutes.


Yeah, I don't follow the crowd around here. I'm sure you've got the same chair, only it has a mold of Arnold's dick on it instead. Since when does the fact that I don't enjoy braindead movies make me likely to sit on a chair with a generously-sized mold of your dad's dick on it?



Same logic applies to The A-Team.


I'm done with this thread.