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Expected Total T on Cycle?

What could I expect for total t on cycle using 500mg weekly. No other compounds in use. Getting labs done tomorrow. Curious about the proper dosage of my gear. Anyone get tt done on similar cycle? Best guesses? I’d assume well over 2000. Thoughts?

I had mine done when I was on 500 mg a week for my first cycle. It came up at 1500. Gear could have been underdosed. Not sure what most ppl have when running 500. I’d be really interested in what others say

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At 500mg a week, by week 7 my levels were 4,199. Remember, when with identical dosages, everyone’s body handles it differently.

There’s tons of guys on 200mg of prescription grade pharmacy test. Their levels range from 1000-2000. Some less, some maybe more.


Well then glad I never went to that ugl again lmao

Did you get the non capped test? One of the popular tests stops right at 1500.

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Nah it came right under 1500, it was like high 1400 just can’t remember the exact number. Damn I gave those fuckers some good money too. Glad I’ve switched and I immediately noticed a difference. Scum bags. U live and learn tho. I knew getting into this there’d be some learning to do lol BUT on the plus side it means I’ve put less gear in my body. So that’s good

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Yes, levels will vary. Great to see what people’s results are. I will post mine in this thread later this week. Thanks.

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I had my test levels checked awhile back when I was 5 weeks into 500mg test e and they were “above 1500.” That’s as high as the test would check. I know that doesn’t tell you much but imo, they should def be 1500+

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Right on man. Yeah, I believe they do a standard test and an “uncapped” test. I’m getting uncapped tomorrow.

My response rate 5.5x. Anecdotally guys fall between 5-6, assuming gear is properly dosed.

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I’m sorry bro, you’ll have to break it down for me. Is that 5x XXmg per week?

Mine were 10,000+ on 300mg but I was also running 300mg Tren too.


Are you sure they were 10,000? Holy fuck that’s high lol. I wouldn’t expect levels that high at the doses you mentioned.

Yes. 374nmol/L to ng/dl is above 10,000 according to the conversion. Obviously oestrogen was high too but that was a false number also due to Tren.


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Yes. So 200mg got me to 1,100, 60mg got me to 330.

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Who else has some examples? Thoughts or labs from the past?

That’s an insane response… detected androgen concentration at almost 10,000ng/dl from 600mg weekly… you’ve used grams before no? Imagine how high you were then? Maybe you’ve hit 40,000ng/dl?

On the highest dose you’ve ever used (cumulatively at once)… how did you feel? Just curious, did you feel great/manic or toxic… like you’re body was shutting down

But it wouldnt be a true 40,000 would it because Tren doesn’t show actual androgens right?

The highest I went was 900mg Tren Ace for a week or 2 but before that was 700mg Tren Ace for considerably longer with low test and high masteron, I felt perfectly fine. I was tired because my carbs were sub 50g but other than that, nothing much to report.


Depends on the assay used to measure hormonal concentration. Certain styles of measurement detect all exogenous hormones to be detected as elevated testosterone

I highly doubt 300mg will lead to 10,000ng/dl… but anything’s possible

Maybe if it is dosed 300 mg daily. Otherwise, I would think hitting 3,000 ng/dL would be a pretty amazing response.

I think the most likely thing is that a mistake was made.

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