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Expected Strength Increase on First Cycle?

Hey all.

I am currently a natural powerlifter. My best lifts are a 640 Squat, 350 Bench and 611 Deadlift. I’ve been training for 7 years and competing for 4.
I’m 27 and 5’9 sitting at 228lbs and I compete in the 242 class.

I feel like I have gotten far enough naturally (I’d liked to have benched a little more but oh well) and now have the intention to start using 500mg of test for 8 weeks coming into my next comp. I may also stack anavar in the last 4 weeks.

My question is, what sort of strength incerase do people usually get on their first cycle?
I can’t find much solid info on this. I can only find info on how much size people gained.

If anyone has done a similar cycle, can you please share your before and after numbers/total?

Some solid info would be much appreciated. I’m technically proficient, coached by one of the best 242 lifters in the world and I’m on top of my nutrition.
So factoring that in, how much of an increase in Strength can I expect?


It’s really hard to say. It comes down to a bunch of unknowns that involve genetics, previous natural limits, etc. You’d think experience would be important—and it is—but not as much as people think. The guys who gain insane strength off a first cycle usually had a lot more room to grow. In your case you’ve spent a good bit of time getting to a place where you’re bumping into natural limits. So what would be a reasonable expectation for strength gains? 8%? 13%? You won’t know until you’re well into the cycle.

As an aside, you should try to run the cycle out longer than eight weeks (unless you’re using prop). 10-12 would give you significantly more than eight in terms of overall strength. Those extra few weeks, once you’re dialed in and really hitting full stride, can make the cycle worth the hassle.

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