Expected Soreness from Lifting

I’m under the impression that whenever you squat, deadlift, bench or press, you should expect a bit of pain. Not muscle soreness, but joint pain. For example, whenever i press, i can expect a relative amount of pain from my shoulders, something not unbearable but definitely noticeable. I just gotta push through it, pretty simple…
My question is, how bad should this pain get before i take preventative measures? I squat twice a week, and my lower back is always sore. I never get rid of the pain and its really starting to get to me. But is this expected? Is my lower back just going to be sore, because i squat? Or is my form really that bad…
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I would say a little bit of joint “discomfort” as being okay after a hard workout as being normal. What you’re describing sounds like actual pain. I would consider getting your technique looked at and/or switching to a different style that is better suited to you. It’s really hard to say without seeing you lift myself. You could also have perfect form and just be performing too much volume for your ability to recover. If this is the case, spreading your volume out through more weekly sessions might help you out.

In the lifting game, you really need to think about the long term. I would ask yourself if you can realistically sustain how you’re training now for the next year, 5 years, 10 years? If it’s consistently driving you into a hole, you need to change somethings around so you can start building back up.

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Your joints shouldn’t actually hurt during lifting. Also if your lower back is always sore from squatting, I’m betting it’s a form issues or you have a seriously weak lower back. A video of both your squat and overhead press would help a lot.

This is a video of my squat. Its the first time ive filmed my lifts, and um…yup ive got form issues!
Any suggestions about how to make my squat look less atrocious would be appreciated…

  1. Stop dive bombing the negative phase like that until you learn the movement.
  2. Ditch those shoes and get yourself ones that have a hard and flat sole.
  3. Work on hip and ankle mobility or try a slightly wider stance since your heels come off of the ground mid rep.
  4. You seem to squat with your legs only without utilizing your hips → you round your lower back a lot to actually get in the hole.

Watch squat videos like so you think you can squat from Elite Fitness, Mark Rippetoe’s videos and Powerlifting To Win.

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OK so I’ve been working on my tecnique and mobility a lot since i posted that last video. I figured i would post up another video. I’ve definitely improved a bit, but I’ve got a long way to go. Appreciate any suggestions…