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Expected Results from 525mg of Trenbolone Acetate/wk?

Body stats:
197 pounds
Lifting seriously for 5 years
Have 4 cycles under my belt

Hey guys!
I’ve been on a cut for a few months and recently went from a bulky 212 to a leaner 197. I’ve experimented with many anabolics and have had great results. Diet is very clean. Chicken breast and white rice 4-5 meals of the day. I’ve tried to use tren before but I believe my source had bunk gear, as it was a guy from my local gym. I just acquired some pharma tren a, with the cycle already planned out:

75mg/ed tren A = 525mg/week
300mg/week test E

I’ve read that a high tren low test cycle is best for minimizing sides… I’m going to run about 600-700 over maintenance in hopes for a very lean bulk while dropping a slight amount of body fat. I’m expecting to gain around 8-10 pounds of lean mass if all goes well. How much do you guys think I can gain realistically with that dose of tren? Cheers!

I don’t find tren to be a great ‘bulking’ compound at all when compared to other better choices available. I would think you could hit your goals with just the Test alone.

Your gains will be dependent on how much you can eat. A lot of guys have a hard time eating on larger doses of tren. If you’re one of those guys then hitting that number above maintenance may be hard. If you’re not having any appetite issues then you should be able to make monster gains.

Guy at my gym is wrapping up his annual tren run and he looks like a more ridiculous version of how he normally looks. It started out as a bulk and within three weeks it became a cut because he couldn’t out-eat the tren. It happens. So if you can eat for lean mass then that cycle looks killer.


I’m super hungry on tren, but it’s hard to control the sides.

Yes, I definitely could, but I’m looking for 95% lean gains. Since tren doesn’t aromatise like test does, it’ll be mostly muscle and not any false weight. Aka water weight.

I’ve never had any issues hitting 600-700 over maintenance. Hell, when I was natty I was eating 5,000 cals a day! That was tough and a big mistake lol. Stupid fat gain. Now 600-700 over maintenance is around 3200-3300. Much more doable. Do you know by any chance the dose that the guy in your gym was taking? I’ve heard mixed reviews on 525 being a high dose. Some say it’s on the higher end, others say it’s moderate.

That’s what the low test should counter hopefully :wink:

Also, how many pounds of lean mass do you guys think it will produce? Preferably from your own experience.

12… no wait… 15… wait wait… I’m sticking with 12


That’d be a very solid amount

Realistically depends, but I’d say about 6lbs of good size that can be kept with cruising.

Okay. Would a high test, high tren cycle produce more gains in exchange for more side effects? Or would a higher tren dose make any considerable difference in lean mass?

What would be the best protocol to get the most lean mass out of tren from your experience?

Well have you used tren before? It’s tough to say realistically. But I have seen people in my close circle of friends use test to tren ratios like 2to1 1to1 1to2 and 4 to 1 all got results based off diet and training. I did 1 to 1 and 2to1, best feeling of being on was 1.5 to 1. With masteron on the same amount as tren.

1.5 test to tren I’m assuming? And no I have not run tren. I had got some from my old supplier, but I’m pretty convinced it was bunk gear as neither me nor my training partner noticed a single thing from it. And we were taking decent doses.

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^^^^ sorry didn’t link to you

He was taking tren 400 test 200. He’s older though (maybe 33?) so he keeps the tren lower than the younger guys seem to.

Oh, that’s lower than I expected. But if it works, it works! I’m going to do 525 then adjust my future tren doses from there.

Whos younger? But tren is great if you could handle the sides. I prefer test and anadrol to everything else.

That seems like a lot of tren… I’ve done tren several times and never even half that amount and I put on size. IMO eat more, train hard, less tren.