Expected Gains on Tbol and Test E Cycle

Im going to be starting a test E and tbol cycle and am wondering what could be expected in the gains department.

weeks 1-10
test E 500mg/week

weeks 1-6
tbol 60 mg ed

pct weeks 12-14
nolva 20mg ed
clomid 100mg ed 1st week, 50mg ed 2nd week, 25mg ed 3rd week

Wont know till you try. So many factors you didnt list to even make a guess.

i guess what im trying to say is has anybody else tried this and what gains did they get.

[quote]rutabega wrote:
i guess what im trying to say is has anybody else tried this and what gains did they get.[/quote]
Well if you want hypotheticals based on other people’s experience: If this is your first cycle you could gain as much as 20-25lbs with moderate strength increases. Or you could gain as little as absolutely nothing. Your diet, training, genetics and where you are in relation to your genetic maxim will dictate where on the continuum you land.

Saps maybe you can comment more on this. But after running a 10 wk cycle I would personally run at least 4 wks of PCT. Why not start out first two wks at 40mg nolva and cut to 20mg for the second 2?
This could be a step moving in the right direction as far as gains (Or at least keeping them what you do gain)

Yeah the OP almost has that planned himself. Its the classic SERM PCT. Wait a few weeks and then do the Nolva as you said. I’ve done it that way before worked out OK. IMO test taper is better for gains retention or whatever you wanna call it.

40/40/20/20 is pretty standard for nolva PCT. The 3 week PCT and the dosages are sub-optimal, in my opinion. You could go ahead and drop the clomid, and use the nolva at wks 12-15 inclusive. There’s no reason to overmedicate, imo, and nolva is more powerful both in efficacy and when compared mg to mg.

Also, if we knew where you were starting from (ie, height, weight, years training, bf%, nutritional habits, training volume/habits) we could actually give you a reasonable expectation.

o good to know about the use of nolva only.
195 lbs
6 yrs training 3 of them hard
8-10% bf

nutrition for this cycle would be 3500+ calories a day.
meal 1
2 cups of oat meal @ protine shake
high calorie shake
meal 3
chicken @ rice ( chicken with pepper and rice with tomato’s)
can of tuna or other fish with thick whole grain peta with peanut butter
meal 5
fish, lean beef, chicken with potatoes, rice, bagle and 650 ml of milk
meal 6
high calorie shake

and 3L of water a day

each meal has aprox 600-800 calories

5/6 times a week

cardio 30 min
cardio 30 min
sercate (optional)

i would re-evaluate your lifting routine before you starting using in all honestly. I dont want to be overly critical because i havent seen what your physique is, or what your numbers are, but usually if i see anyone that has an arm day and an abs day, its a beginner routine. youd most likely find great gains without any chemical help and save steroids for a time when you are plateauing on all your lifts and you cant break through them no matter what you do.