Expectations Too High?

So fellers I am 40ish and my T was 280. The doc gave me a script for Androgel, 5 grams per day. Assume for a moment that I have always eaten reasonably well and that I have trained consistently for 20 years…always natural except for creatine and basic vitamins.

I have decent size and above avg strength for my bodyweight 180# with lifts of Bench 315, Free Bar Full Squat 405 and Deadlift 500. Assuming all other things remain the same what gains can I expect using the A-Gel? I am pretty pumped about it but worried I might be expecting too much.

Androgel works well for some. Be sure to concentrate the application. If you spread it out too much it raises the risk of raising your E2. Twice a day apps would be best. You’ll need to give it a few weeks to notice a big difference but there are some whom tell it right away. Everyone is different. Besure to have your bioavailable test, E2 and HDT checked on your follow up labs. Start donating blood regularly too. Good luck.

Thanks Crazy. To clarify you are saying it is better to divide my dosage up into two applications. Since my prescription is 5 grams, I should be using 2.5 morning and 2.5 evening right?

Also, you are recommending I apply it in a smaller region?

And what is the deal with donating blood?

Yes dividing the dosage will help to keep the E2 from rising as will applying the gel to a small area. You can apply it anywhere that has sparce hair growth. Hair tends to absorb the T. Some people have been known to shave the areas they apply to.

As far as donating blood; when on external testosterone some people (me for instance) tend to raise blood counts and DHT levels. Even if your not one of those (alot of people are) the red cross can use the blood and you get a free cookie and drink.