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Expectations for My Age!



I'm 34 years old, I only started doing some DB weight lifting for the last 6 months or so, basically still trying to figure out different lifts, my diet, combination with cardio and all that.

My main question is, whether at this age I'm asking too much of myself thinking I can at some point - the sooner the better :slight_smile: - feel and look much, much better. Like the guys you see on the covers of the magazines, or web sites like the one here.
Ok, maybe that's too much, but basically having a nicely built body I can be proud of and that would make me feel happy about the effort it took.

Now, I haven't done much for exercise in the last 15 years. Got an office job, kids, family. I also smoked for all those years, just quit as my new year's resolution for this year and since then started caring bit more about my health. I've been rather skinny all my life, but in the last few years I developed a bit of a belly, I weigh at around 195lb, 5' 11" height.

I guess I'm about 15lb overweight with pretty much all of it in my belly. The good thing is that the last few months of workout did improve my overall appearance, my belly did shrink a bit, I started to notice more muscle around my upper body, my legs have always been rather well built - played a lot of soccer in my teen years. So, even though I haven't lost weight, maybe even gained few pounds, the weight did shift more from the belly into the muscles.

Anyway, am I too late to develop a really good body at my age, or can this still be a good realistic goal within a year or two ?


It's never too late man. I don't know why you've gotten so many views and no responses but I've read about plenty of people on this site who started training later in life and built fine physiques. Good luck with your journey.


Your body will adapt and change to the stimulus you consistently ask of it be it a good one or bad. NO never to late to make some great changes start yesterday



are you looking for a good mass gaining routine and bulking up or what kind of stuff are you looking for?


I am 9 years older than you are and was in much worse shape 2 years ago than you are and have made excellent progress since then. I did have extensive previous experience with weight training and nutrition which helped a lot and I didn't smoke, but I did drink way too much for 13 years and was in horrible health. Along with these guys I guarantee you that you are not too old or outta shape to start. Not by a long shot, but it will take commitment and consistency.


Check out Old Navy's thread (and pics):


If he can look like that at 64 I'd say there's probably hope for you too. :wink:


I'm 45 and only started up again about 2 years ago. I'm not too strong, but at least I'm twice as strong as I used to be. Never too late.


Thanks everyone ! I knew I should have expected the positive responses, and that's good. So I guess it is just the matter of the effort you put into it. I realize it will probably take more of the effort in my age than for someone in their teens, but that's ok. What's important is that I will not be disappointed if I stick with it, and I knew that already, I just wanted the confirmation.

To the person that asked about bulking up, yeah basically I would'nt just like to slim down but would like to get bigger and bulkier as well. I don't go to the gym, simply have no time for that, I have two little kids, long work hours, etc. So what I do is lift some weights home, use treadmill, go biking.

All this is possible only very early in the AM, I try to get up at 5:30AM so I have about an hour every day to stretch then do weights or cardio. So far I've been alternating, one day weights another cardio. It's not the best time this early in the morning, I do feel much better doing this on the weekend when I'm more rested, but unfortunately I can't really change the schedule.

Do you think that's a big problem ? I seem to be handling it ok, so I figured it's al right, but maybe not ?


do an upper/lower split with 2 of your days being on the weekend, the toehr 2 during the week. Other mornings just bike or something for a bit before work.

Can/have you invested in a barbell or a squat rack? We're here to help.


I have dumbbells, 20/30/35/40 lb pairs so far - I know not the heaviest stuff but it's been serving me well so far. I also have a curl bar with 70lb attached to it now and 15lb spare to go. I've been using this curl bar for squats, deadlifts and bend over rows.

I guess so far because of relatively small weights I didn't need anything more. I have a small adjustable incline/decline bench and that's about it.

At this point I was simply just going to continue on getting heavier dumbbells when needed, I was also going to get few bands to assist in pullups/chinups - I can probably do these only in my backyard where I have monkey bar that's part of my kids' swing set. I have nowhere to do dips, is there a way to substitute dips ? Do I need barbell/squat rack at this point ? Any other stuff I should have ?


If you plan on sticking with this I'd get a rack, preferably with a high cable outfit and at least one 300 pound olympic bar/plate set.

Everything depends on what you want to accomplish and how serious you plan to get. On one hand you could go Gung Ho and equip yourself with several grand worth of training stuff only to have it on the lawn at next years garage sale, frankly like most people do or on the other hand you may wind up really "gittin the bug" and be constantly adding shit that you may have gotten cheaper if you bought it in sets at once.


You won't regret getting a squat rack. I know you said you haven't got time to use aym but for example a my highschool it's free for all community member's if you take the safety runthrough and it open 5 to 8 in the morning and 3-8pm