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Expanding Your Rib Cage?


i was wondering if its smart to expand your rib cage or if it rly doesn't do anything


How do you plan on expanding your rib cage?

20 rep breathing squats with barbell pullovers?


2 sets of 25 breathing squats then barbell pullovers




I'm very sceptical for a variety of reasons. The issue was discussed on the following thread:


Other alleged myths are debated there as well, but there are plenty of posts on ribcage expansion.

Also check out the Chest Roundtable (you will find a link on the above mentioned thread).


i have decided after reading many other threads that i should not waste my energy on this


good decision.

that's like saying "I'm gonna lengthen my legs, should I hang around upside down for 4 hours a day?"


Exactly. I can't believe people still fall for this. If it was that easy to deform cartilage and bone, we would all be in a shitload of trouble. Your nose would grow every time you got a cold.


Rib csrtlidge can be expanded. People with chronic lung conditions such as emphusema and COPD or bronchitis often develop a barrel chest from rib cage expansion due to deeper breathing. It takes a long time to develop. So the question would be what would it take to do it and would it be worth it?


Mine only grows when I tell a lie.


People with COPD often develop a slight barrel chest in the later stages of the disease because their lungs are chronically overinflated with air. As a result, the rib cage stays expanded to a degree. This makes breathing less efficient and contributes to severe shortness of breath. That doesn't mean the cartilage changed. It means they never fully exhale and don't have full lung capacity.