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Expanding the rib cage

Could someone point me to excercises for expanding the rib cage? I’m looking to increase the appearance of the vshape in the front (got a good lookin v shape in the back). I’m looking to add some muscle mass so I’m in a perma bulking state, so reducing the size of my cursed waist to git more of a vshape isn’t for me at this stage.

Please include where this excercise would fall (chest day I imagine?) and what other muscle groups it works.


they used to believe breathing squats followed by light pullovers and deep breathing exercises 10x every day, not to many people still believe it.

Rader Chest Pulls. This is done standing, and gripping a vertical bar (maybe an upright of a cage) at about eye level, and lifting the ribcage upwards. The theory is that this will give some permanent “set” to the elevated chast, making it appear expanded. Results from this on people over the age of, say, 25 is lees than those younger, but it still does give some improvement.

I don’t really think one can expand the ribcage, but heavy pullovers or any ab exercise which really stretches the connective tissue in the ribs MIGHT help.

Another solution is to visually make it look bigger, but increasing the volume of chest and delt work to beef those muscle groups up and then focus on getting the bodyfat low, so that the waist is lean and small.

I’m a singer, and many of the voice teachers I know claim that one’s ribcage expands with voice training and the ability to take in more air. I know of a girl that went off to college and gained 3 inches around her chest within two months (very intense singing program).
My guess is that this is just he intra and intercostal muscles of the ribs becoming larger due to increased stress. Along the same lines, I’ve read that swimming completely underwater for a minute or more at a time increases chest size (probably by the same mechanism) as well as increasing IQ (carotid expansion due to larger levels of CO2 in the bloodstream, leading to greater bloodflow to the brain). Hope this helps.

hmm I heard about that swimmin thing either, unfortunatly at my gym the swimming area is populated by fat old people who stand in the way of the swimming isles. aaah such is life…

anyway I was pretty damn sure that there was a specific excercise just for the rib cage, guess I was way off. So then it must be genetics and chest and back development eh?

Nephorm, you’ve been some of Win Wenger’s work, haven’t you.

Nephorm, you’ve been reading some of Win Wenger’s work, haven’t you.